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1. July 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

Just weeks after Garner’s death, candles and flowers were laid where Garner lost his life in Staten Island. On July 22, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced there would be an investigation into Garner’s death.

2. August 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

Posters and flyers are hung around Staten Island urging people to come out for the first of many rallies for Eric Garner.

3. December 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

New York’s West Side Highway is filled with protesters after the Grand Jury’s announcement not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo is made public. Rappers, actors, mothers, fathers and children marched the streets of New York to advocate for justice on behalf of Eric Garner.

4. August 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

A memorial for the police brutality victim is placed on the streets of the Staten Island borough of New York City. On August 23, a rally took place lead by the family of Garner, Michael Brown’s family and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

5. October 2014

Eric Garner Protests Source:Getty

A young man wearing Garner’s last words, “I Can’t Breathe” is taken into police custody. Hundreds of protesters were arrested in New York after NYPD officers attempted to break up protester’s marches by shutting down streets.

6. November 2014

NYC Protestors Source:Getty

After Darren Wilson didn’t face charges in the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, protesters took the streets yet again to speak out on behalf of the teen. Garner’s story was also told with Tamir Rice and the many African Americans who died due to police violence.

7. December 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

While the family of Garner was marching in New York, supporters on Hollywood Boulevard were protesting the decision on December 6.

8. December 2014

Eric Garner Source:Getty

Erica Garner leads protestors in Staten Island after it is announced Pantaleo would not face charges in the chokehold death of her father, Eric.

9. December 2014

Eric Garner Protests Source:Getty

After leading the march in Staten Island, Erica Garner laid in the exact spot where her father was killed in July.

10. December 2014

National march in Washington against police violence Source:Getty

Shortly after the Grand Jury’s decision was released, a massive march to Washington for Garner and Mike Brown was underway. Garner’s widow Esaw and his daughter Erica spoke to supporters with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network group.

11. December 2014

Staten Island Rally Held For Police Violence Victims Eric Garner And Michael Brown Source:Getty

Garner’s death brought the people and images of other men who died over police violence. During Al Sharpton’s “Justice For All” march, parents of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell and Mike Brown stood together to demand justice. “What a sea of people,” said Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Brown, “Thank you for having my back.”

12. December 2014

Eric Garner Protests Source:Getty

Protesters in Philadelphia marched for Eric Garner. From New York to London, millions of people took part in die-ins and silent protests for the father of six after arresting officer Daniel Pantaleo went free of any charges in the July 2014 incident.

13. December 2014

Eric Garner Protests Source:Getty

Arrests continued in Chicago with 200 protesters behind bars. It was reported earlier this year that Jay Z and Beyonce quietly bailed protesters in New York, Ferguson and Baltimore out of jail. Their service was commended, as well as Jay Z’s part in getting LeBron James and Kobe Bryant to wear “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts to their practice games.

14. April 2015

Eric Garner Protests Source:Getty

In New York, a poster is seen of the many faces of people who lost their lives to police violence. The death of Baltimore native Freddie Grey prompted more people to speak out on the Eric Garner case.