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Social media was buzzing about the viral video showing Oprah Winfrey falling on stage for what appeared to be absolutely no reason at all. The maven of all-things media was in Los Angeles for the latest stop on her “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” on Saturday when she was telling the audience about “balance” when she unexpectedly lost her own.

“Here’s my definition of what wellness means to me,” Winfrey can be heard saying on the video. “Wellness to me means all things in balance. And balance doesn’t mean all things are equal or at peace at all times.”

Those famous last words quickly gave way to gravity, which pulled her down to the stage after she apparently tripped over one f her shoes that ended up coming off her foot during the fall.

To her credit, Oprah played it off by joking about her wearing the “wrong shoes” before realizing the irony of her words and what just happened.

“It’s nice to be talking about balance and fall,” she said.

See the video below.


After the video spread around the internet quicker than an online version of coronavirus, Oprah, who also interviews Jennifer Lopez during her tour stop, took to social media to address the fall.

But Oprah’s response was delayed compared to the laser-quick reaction on social media, with some people speculating that her fall was the result of karmic powers because of her perceived mistreatment of Black men. Others — and by others, we mean 50 Cent — farcically suggested that she have been tripped by the ghost of Michael Jackson. Others still were quick to point to what Mo’Nique called Oprah’s “disparity” in treatment for Harvey Weinstein compared to Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons when all three of the powerful men were accused of similar sexual crimes. Oprah was also implicated after her best friend Gayle King‘s interview with Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s 2003 rape case in a line of questioning that many people found to be disrespectful toward a man in death who could not defend himself.

As a result of a twisted combination of the above factors, people on social media had no shortage of reasons for why the felt Oprah’s tripping incident happened. Scroll down to see some of the reactions across social media to Oprah falling and the many reasons people came up with for why they thought she suffered the embarrassing spell on stage in Los Angeles on Saturday.