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Connecticut Karen and Kim video harassing Puerto Ricans

Source: TikTok screenshot

On Thursday, a Karen and Ken Kouple in Middletown, Connecticut, reminded us exactly why so many people agree that Donald Trump’s “build that wall” call to action was more about racism and xenophobia than it ever was about safety and border security. Because if you’re walking up to random people of Latino or Hispanic descent and demanding to see their visas (aka their American freedom papers), it’s not because you’re concerned with the legality of their stay in the U.S.—it’s because you immediately saw brown people and thought, “Get the hell out of my country!” It’s because you’re racist.

Meet 63-year-old Robert Shaw and his girlfriend, 58-year-old Sherri Bourgeois-Williams.

Shaw and Sherri(yes, that would be a great name for a sitcom if white supremacists had their own TV network, but, unfortunately, Fox News only does what they call “news”)—were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after they harassed employees of a local landscaping company while behaving as if they had deputized themselves as ICE agents. As we all know, if there’s anything a Karen will never fail to do, it’s assert authority they don’t actually have. 

From News 8 WTNH:

Jose Martin, who owns the company, said he and his brother were in the middle of a job when two neighbors who were upset about the noise confronted them and allegedly went on a racist rant.

Martin captured video of the alleged racist incident and posted it online.

During the video, police said Shaw and Bourgeois-Williams asked the employees if they had work visas and for their immigration status.

“This is why we need a border wall. Right here. This is why we need a border wall,” Shaw said in the video that shot by Martin.

Martin is from Puerto Rico, which is a U.S. territory.

In the video, Shaw and Bourgeois-Williams could be heard making the following comments: “’Do you have a visa?’ ‘Do you have a visa to be here?’ ‘You don’t have a visa?’ ‘You don’t even have a visa do you’? ‘You don’t have nothing to be here. Are you here legally?’”

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t matter that Martin is from a U.S. territory, which makes him a U.S. citizen because he’s clearly dealing with the MAGA element of “patriots” who likely don’t know what all the U.S. encompasses and probably think the District of Columbia is a foreign land full of Mexicans.

Anyway, now that Shaw and Bourgeois-Williams have realized that all their Trump-humping bigotry got them was criminal charges, they’ve done the whole racism-apologist song and dance of saying they’re sorry while claiming they’re not racist because they have brown friends, blaming it on the alcohol, and whining about how their harassment of others is now getting them harassed.

More from News 8:

News 8 spoke with Shaw, who said he and Bourgeois-Williams are sorry for how they acted in the video.

“We made a mistake. Again I was drinking,” Bourgeois-Williams said.

“I haven’t been myself lately. I have not been myself at all and definitely not a racist…. my son is Puerto Rican like I’m not a racist and I’m scared to death to even be here,” Shaw said.

The couple said garbage bags were left on their porch overnight, and they’ve gotten threats online.

The couple said they contacted police because of the harassment and threats they received after the video was posted.

“We’re waiting for somebody to come by and do a drive-by,” Bourgeois-Williams said. “You know, I mean, I can’t sleep.”

Oh, yes, there’s going to be a drive-by. They’re going to roll through in their low-riders after drinking their 40 ounces and start shooting up houses while their cars jump up and down. Imagine being so racist you can’t even stop being racist while defending yourself from the harassment you got for being a harassing racist.

Anyway, Middletown police reviewed the video footage and determined that Shaw and Bourgeois-Williams’ hostile behavior prevented one of the employees from leaving, and that’s why an arrest warrant was issued.

For our Karens and Kens, Jan. 6 convicts, Proud Boys and other assorted MAGAts, the lesson here is simple: Don’t let y’all’s ex-president put you in a situation he won’t bail you out of.


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