Britney Spears' allegations a bodyguard hit her when she approached NBA rookie Victor Wembanyama in Las Vegas is giving big "Karen" energy.

Thankfully for multiplatinum pop icon Britney Spears, a judge has officially terminated her infamous conservatorship effective immediately without any need for further mental evaluation.

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While her current condition is unknown, the Star Trek actress is in the middle of a years-long battle concerning her health, well-being, and management of her financial affairs.

Pople wondering why Madonna hadn't weighed in on the controversy surrounding Britney Spears' conservatorship need to be careful what they ask for after the Material Girl compared it to "slavery."

For Black Twitter, Timberlake's message wasn't giving what it was supposed to gave.

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I recently watched a video forwarded to me by political analyst Yvette Carnell.  The video featured an image of a very defiant Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In his speech, Dr. King proclaimed that it was time “to get our check,” and that our federal government (where we’ve given taxes, labor and everything else) owed something […]