Thompson said that while the committee’s work was ending, there was still a long road ahead for the nation.  

Falling the day after Democracy Day, National Black Voter Day recognizes the power and importance of Black voters.

The plight of protecting democracy is a battle that we've been fighting for generations. But champions of equity and justice for Black and brown communities renew the urgency of combatting white supremacy and extremism.


Video footage from a rural Georgia board of elections highlights the lengths election deniers went to undermine the 2020 election.

Civil rights leaders met with Biden to address efforts to undermine democracy as the midterm elections approach.


Defending democracy continues beyond the Jan. 6 hearings writes Lawyers' Committee CEO and President Damon T. Hewitt.


Our vote determines the fate of legislation in your state and across the nation. Your vote protects the interests of your neighbors, your families, and the promise of a healthier democracy.


The VRA gave us the power to protect, access, and shape our democracy. We must use it today to build the multi-racial broad-based popular democracy we all need to protect our future and planet.


In addition to reaffirming its commitment to supporting teachers, students and families, the union made space to address pressing issues such as the fights for reproductive rights and Democracy.

A new series engages viewers with trusted voices about American politics and government.

Two sitting Black women secretaries of state share what it means to be a steward of democracy.

With conservative lawmakers and judges eroding freedom and liberty at a record pace, it's time to reckon with what it means to honor the "sacrifices" of those seen as dying for our freedom.