Several Republican-led states are facing similar challenges from the Department of Justice.


Texas' new restrictive voting law is a perfect example of how, for several decades, the GOP has depended on racism to keep white people in power and nonwhites on the outside.

In the one year since the voting rights icon John Lewis died, the efforts to undermine Americans' ability to cast ballots in fair and equal elections have been nothing short of dizzying.

Channeling the spirit of John Lewis and his penchant for "good trouble," the recent arrests of Rep. Joyce Beatty and others harkened back to the late Georgia congressman's own legendary protests to secure fair and equal voting rights.

The Supreme Court is poised to change the course of American politics in a ruling about whether Wisconsin Republicans gave themselves an unfair advantage when remapping voting districts.

Last Friday, a judge denied a preliminary injunction, which would have staved off the state’s voter suppression law, H.B. 589, from this November’s general elections. The ruling was a blow to the attorneys and supporters fighting against the law, but they have promised to regroup in response to the court’s ruling. RELATED: N.C. Voter Suppression […]