All three were arrested for allegedly casting ballots out of state while also voting in Florida during the 2020 election.  

Capellan called the right to vote sacred and called on commissioners to prioritize election integrity by honoring the deadline posted on the instructions. "Commissioners must protect the integrity of this election and honor the return deadline they sent out to 17,000 voters, release details about which voters in which municipalities received this false information, and publicly publish a detailed plan to ensure this never happens again," Capellan continued."  


To deflect from criticism about his "election integrity" activities, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin released an ad that is eerily similar to a viral ad released last year by Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Like Georgia's new voter suppression law, Florida's proposed H.B. 7041 prohibits providing voters food and drinks, imposes stricter voter ID requirements and more.