Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Office of Election Crimes and Security are being blasted after videos of "voter fraud" arrests went viral.

The decision ends a racist practice that dates back to the end of the Civil War.

The Black Ballot

Formerly incarcerated author and activist Jamila T. Davis separates fact from fiction.


It appears likely that restoring voting rights to more people in Florida would benefit the state in many ways – among them, having fewer people living behind bars.

President Trump paraded several Black felons on stage during a press conference to promote his proposed second phase of the First Step Act.

Florida Republicans want to restrict felon voting rights.

The constitutional amendment that restored voting rights to Florida felons went into effect on Jan. 8.

Voters could lead the way in restoring voting rights to scores of disenfranchised ex-offenders.

Lawyers filed legal documents that asked a North Carolina court to drop charges against five former felons accused of illegally voting in 2016.

A federal judge handed down a ruling that harshly criticized the state.