Claiming that efforts to uphold the constitutionally protected rights of state residents are opposed to the university's interests is a weird flex. The subtext seems that the university's interests and values need to align with Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican majority in the statehouse.  


Celebrities voices are powerful, but does the First Amendment allow them to say whatever they want?

Vice President Mike Pence walked out of a football game when NFL players exercised their First Amendment right. He voted to take away healthcare from millions of Americas. The so-called evangelical also defended Trump’s “p*ssy” grabbing comments. Overall, a deeply conservative guy who has advocated against everyone from the middle class to women to LGBT […]


The University of Wisconsin introduced a new policy that punishes students for interrupting campus speeches and presentations.

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Lee Francis, a high school history teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was suspended in September for stepping on the American flag during a lesson about First Amendment rights.


One college kid is getting death threats after creating and selling hoodies that display racially charged statements.

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court tossed out the conviction of a Pennsylvania man who typed violent rap lyrics to his Facebook page after a split with his wife. Anthony Elonis was arrested and convicted in lower court proceedings, and a jury sentenced him to over three years in prison. However, the High Court sided […]

Spirit Week, a fun event for high school students that allows teens to get creative with costumes and sport their school pride, was shaken up when…