Fried Chicken

Xavierian Brothers, a mostly white Catholic high school in suburban Boston, not only chose to serve fried chicken for its Black History Month but administrators also placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of an African American cafeteria worker.

Sweet Dixie Chicken in Long Beach, California, is accused of reselling Popeyes fried chicken at its restaurant.

So… we noticed that the posting of First Lady Michelle Obama’s get-out-the-vote interview with NewsOne Now was getting traffic from a small, but growing number of right-wing blogs. Were they really interested in her message of how voting affects policy, and the “team” that the president has to work with in Congress? Nah. This brief, light-hearted exchange just […]

KFC recently delivered something we’ve all been waiting for– a fried chicken candle. Under their “Scents of the Commonwealth” portion of their website, KFC wants…

Brian Wooley a Republican candidate for Mayor in Shrevesport, Louisiana is causing controversy with a flier he has been dispersing in African-American neighborhoods, the Shrevesport Times reports. At issue is a “Freedom Rally” event purportedly sponsored by mayoral candidate Bryan Wooley. The rally, which appears to have happened on Wednesday and Thursday, featured free chicken […]