The U.S. and five other countries have reached an agreement with Iran that would essentially freeze that country’s nuclear program for the next 6 months. During that time, Iran has also agreed to monitoring of its nuclear facilities. Not everyone thinks the accord is a good idea. Some are calling for continued economic sanctions against […]

WASHINGTON— President Barack Obama warned that he is not bluffing about attacking Iran if it builds a nuclear weapon, but in an interview published Friday, Obama also cautioned U.S. ally Israel that a premature attack on Iran would do more harm than good. SEE ALSO: Limbaugh Calls Birth Control Advocate A “Slut” 17 Black Internet […]

TEHRAN, Iran — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran is ready for nuclear talks with the world powers amid toughening sanctions aimed at forcing Tehran to sharply scale back its nuclear program. Ahmadinejad, however, says sanctions won’t force Iran to capitulate to Western demands. The United States and allies want Iran to halt uranium enrichment, which […]

WASHINGTON — The United States denied any role in Wednesday’s killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist, the latest in a series of events that have exacerbated tensions with Iran. The assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was the latest in a year that has already seen new U.S. economic sanctions, threats to bar American ships from […]

WASHINGTON — The family of an American man sentenced to death in Iran for allegedly being a CIA agent said Monday he was visiting relatives there and not spying. Behnaz Hekmati, mother of Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, said in an email to The Associated Press that she and her husband Ali are “shocked and terrified” that […]

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The U.S. strongly warned Iran on Wednesday against closing a vital Persian Gulf waterway that carries one-sixth of the world’s oil supply, after Iran threatened to choke off traffic through the Strait of Hormuz if Washington imposes sanctions targeting the country’s crude exports. SEE ALSO: Newt Gingrich Lies About First Marriage? […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The family of retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, who vanished years ago in Iran, issued a plea to his kidnappers Friday and, for the first time, released a hostage video they received from his unidentified captors. SEE ALSO: DSK Maid Acts Out Assault On Tape The video message released on the Levinson […]

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Hard-line Iranian students stormed British diplomatic sites in Tehran on Tuesday, bringing down the Union Jack flag, burning an embassy vehicle and throwing documents from windows in scenes reminiscent of the seizing of the U.S. Embassy compound in 1979. See also: U.S. Suspects Forces Were Lured Into Deadly Raid See also: Back Off! […]

TEHRAN, Iran  — Iran will target NATO’s missile defense installations in Turkey if the U.S. or Israel attacks the Islamic Republic, a senior commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard said Saturday. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the Guards’ aerospace division, said the warning is part of a new defense strategy to counter what […]

HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama prodded the skeptical leaders of Russia and China for support in reining back Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but without winning public endorsement from either man. See also: Republican Debate: Candidates Call For Military Strikes On Iran, Return Of Waterboarding See also: Nelson George’s Beijing Neither Russian President Dmitry Medvedev nor […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Thursday that the U.S. will make sure that Iranian officials are held accountable for “reckless behavior” in what he said was their direct role in an alleged assassination plot against the Saudi Arabian ambassador in the United States. Obama said the U.S. will be able to support all of […]

IRAN – Amid a political battle between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, several of President Ahmadinejad’s key aides have been arrested and charged with using supernatural powers to help the president. The U.K. Guardian reports: Several people said to be close to the president and his chief of […]