Kanye West

The head of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church condemns the rapper in a message.

Kanye West is getting free press everywhere but Donald Trump Jr. has a conspiracy theory that the rapper is being silenced.

Kanye features the gospel legend on his new album "Jesus Is King".

The rapper talks about his new outlook on sex and much more in a Zane Lowe interview.

Howard University’s annual homecoming festivities got off to an unexpected start when Kanye West surprised everybody by bringing his Sunday Service show to the historically Black college campus.

Kanye West just met Pastor Adam Tyson in June.

Twitter and other critiques find it hard to take the rapper seriously.

One viral Twitter thread questioned whether Kanye West's Sunday Service was merely a way to sell the Black church experience to his devoted, wealthy, non-white fans.

Crying “cancel culture” is simply begging to be as loud and hateful as possible with little recourse.

For a few months now, Kanye West has been providing a semi-public glimpse into his creative process by way of Sunday Service, his weekly religious-inspired gospel celebration of all things music.