The more you recite them, the more you start to believe them.


A timeline of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's love story.

A Starkville, Mississippi man, known for his open display of love for his late wife, has turned converted their home into a virtual museum of love.

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We celebrate Iman and Bowie's union, remembering how the love they shared -- between themselves and the world -- is still transcending and inspiring.


Could you stay married to a man who's been a coma for 33 years?

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Will Smith sure does know the right things to say to keep his wife Jada happy. Will wished his leading lady happy birthday by doing

FLOTUS & POTUS are our ultimate relationship goals - here's why.

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Black Love Day was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, director of the African American Holiday Association. According to Kendi, it is the third nationally observed black holiday – one of atonement, reconciliation and celebration. Black Love Day is observed as a 24-hour demonstration of black love, demonstrated through five specific acts: love towards the Creator, […]

Remember Stephanie Smith, the Page Six reporter who decided to share her relationship with the world via her blog, 300 Sandwiches? After Eric Schultz (Stephanie’s…

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If anyone thought that the New York Association of Black Journalists  (NYABJ) would defend the caliber of Beyonce Knowles’ award-winning Essence story, “Eat, Play, Love,” they would be sadly mistaken. In a (second) slap in the face to journalists everywhere, President Michael J. Feeney basically told The Root’s Journal-isms that Beyonce’s piece was all they […]