<p>Barack Obama, a man of African descent is now the President elect of this country. This is an unprecedented historical event.  What is general significance of his victory for African Americans? What does this mean in terms of the progress African Americans have made in this country?</p>

Jesse Jackson was memorably in tears the night Obama claimed victory. Despite his well publicized dispute with Obama, it was very clear how happy and proud he was to see Obama claim the presidency. He recently spoke to NPR on why he was crying.

I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She told me that they had taken me off the registrar in Massachusetts because I had not returned census documents in 4 years. Even though I was saved two 5 hour bus rides and 3 hours in line, I was disappointed and depressed.

An author and minister who spent hours interviewing Coretta Scott King for her biography said Friday that she may abandon the project because of the drawn-out, public legal feud among the King siblings.

40 years ago Martin Luther King gave a speech to the American people. He had a dream. Part of that dream was making sure that not only African Americans had the right to vote but also that they had something to vote for.