Rep. Maxine Waters warns corporate America about its lack of diversity.

Democrats demanded to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report so that they could review his findings for themselves.

A jury convicted a man who threatened to kill former President Obama and Rep. Maxine Waters.

Letitia James pursues possible Trump crimes while Nancy Pelosi declines to impeach the president.

She is the first woman and African American to be the chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

Some top companies are in panic mode, according to lobbyists.

Our scary times, which have only gotten worse with our hateful president, have gotten scarier with Democrats and some liberals being targeted with suspicious packages. This is clearly an act of terror and, as of now, there have been assassination attempts on 11 people, not including the news organization CNN. Not ironically, they have all […]

Chances are that the mail bombs were not sent by any so-called radical Islamic terrorist or any person of color.

Omar Navarro has set himself up for failure.

Republicans called Rep. Maxine Waters an angry Black woman but showed a double standard by praising Judge Brett Kavanaugh.