Coby Daniel, the 6-year-old Michigan boy who was shot by his neighbor over a bicycle, is heading to therapy after exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, his father said.


Leaders on Twitter are quick to collect him.

Chicago’s City Council is expected to approve a $2.5 million settlement involving cops who traumatized a toddler.

Trauma for American-Americans began with slavery and continues today.

Experts say Johnson's medical path is the determining factor in comprehending his mindset on the fateful night of July 7, when he opened fire at a peaceful anti-police brutality rally.

Many U.S. soldiers survived the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, only to face internal battles with post-traumatic stress disorder and thoughts of suicide once they return home. According to statistics, 22 veterans take their lives each day, totaling over 8,000 individuals a year. Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien follows a few of these soldiers as they grapple […]

A North Carolina judge sentenced a veteran with PTSD to jail overnight and joined him in the cell. The judge wanted to hold the vet accountable, but was also concerned how the former soldier would respond to isolation.

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Former NFL Linebacker Keith Mitchell and New York Rep. Charles Rangel joined Roland Martin Thursday on NewsOne Now to talk about the event “Yoga on the Hill,” and how practicing yoga can be used as an alternative to treat veterans dealing with the stress from serving their country. Mitchell explained he began his journey to becoming a yogi after […]

Most people worry. It’s a fact of life that life can be stresful: money, bills, jobs, family, etc. can sometimes prevent you from relaxing and actually enjoying your life as much as you’d like to. What’s worse, all that worrying can make you sick, including disrupting healthy sleep habits, making you unable to focus, even […]