Polling irregularities, legislation clearly drafted to suppress minority voter turnout and all other aspects of voter discrimination are all a thing of the past. At least that seems to be the majority thinking of The U.S. Supreme Court. Essentially, The Court’s 5-4 ruling on Section 4 of the Voter Rights Act says this: Racism has […]

The always controversial Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (pictured) threw a hissy fit on Monday in a concurring opinion on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Thomas joined the majority Supreme Court opinion in sending the dispute back to the federal appellate court for further proceedings. In classic Thomas fashion, he argued against Affirmative Action […]

Anyone keen on the Supreme Court’s on-going arguments over the legality of certain parts of the Voter Rights Act surely has not forgotten Justice Antonio Scalia‘s “racial entitlement” remarks from earlier this year–especially “The Crisis,” the NAACP’s flagship publication. SEE ALSO: Massachusetts Keeps A Slavery Myth Alive “I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, […]