Good News

Georgia Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock has released a new children’s book that illustrates the power of purpose to help uplift the youth.

Good News

A Washington park has been renamed to honor Rosa Franklin; the state’s first Black woman senator.

McConnell is allegedly actively working behind the scenes to eliminate a Kentucky statute that allows Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear to choose his replacement if he doesn't finish his term in office. At the top of his list of protégés is embattled Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron.

New developments from the FBI confirms members of the white supremacist mob who attacked Capitol Hill last week intended to "capture" and "assassinate" members of Congress.

John James makes it clear that he disagrees with the president on many issues.


    “How ironic! Michel[l]e Obama comes to town and Chicago politics comes to DeKalb” is how Georgia State Senator Fran Millar began his comment railing against a move to allow early voting in a predominately Black neighborhood. “Now we are to have Sunday voting at South DeKalb Mall just prior to the election,” he wrote. He continued, […]

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Maybe Jim DeMint has never heard of the American Civil War. DeMint, the president of the conservative Heritage Foundation and former Republican senator from South Carolina, was a guest on a radio show last week and told the host that “the conscience of the American people” freed the slaves in the 1860’s, not “big government.” According to DeMint: Well the reason that […]

DILLINGHAM, Alaska — Former Sen. Ted Stevens lay dead in the mangled fuselage of the plane. A 13-year-old boy escaped death but his father died a few feet away. Medical workers spent the miserable night tending to survivors’ broken bones amid a huge slick of fuel that coated a muddy mountainside.