Rudy Chestang, a former Alcorn State University (ASU) Braves basketball player, has filed a lawsuit against the university and Dr. Alvin T. Simpson, a psychology professor, for sexual harassment, according to SEE ALSO: Spike Lee: Hollywood Doesn’t Know About Black People Chicago-native Chestang arrived in Lorman, Miss., in 2005, after accepting an athletic scholarship […]

A former National Basketball Association security official is suing the league, alleging that he was fired for warning his superiors that women in the office were being sexually harassed or discriminated against. RELATED: Sandusky’s Last Shot At Redemption Warren Glover, 50, filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court Thursday morning accusing senior N.B.A. […]

NEW YORK (AP) — A fourth woman accused Republican presidential contender Herman Cain on Monday of making an unwanted sexual advance against her, saying she wanted to provide “a face and a voice” to support other accusers who have so far remained anonymous. See also: Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Media Coverage Considered Fair By Plurality […]

NEW YORK — It can be a malicious rumor whispered in the hallway, a lewd photo arriving by cell phone, hands groping where they shouldn’t. Added up, it’s an epidemic – student-on-student sexual harassment that is pervasive in America’s middle schools and high schools. During the 2010-11 school year, 48 percent of students in grades […]

A former ESPN executive has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former colleague who he says spread a false story about him masturbating on a plane. Keith Clinkscales says Joan Lynch spread a false story about him masturbating on a plane under an iPad while sitting next to ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews. Also read: Bistro […]

NEW YORK- An African-American man who works as a dog trainer for a 44-year-old model turned housewife and socialite, claims that she demanded sex from him and fired him when he refused. Westley Artope, who worked as a dog trainer for Paige Bluhdorn, resisted her advances. Both Artope and Bludorn are married, Bluhdorn to movie […]

A model has filed two police reports for harassment on former Duke University point guard and #1 NBA draft pick Kyrie Irving. Miss Hawaii, real name Jessica Jackson, claims to have a video of Irving masturbating on Skype. Earlier in March Miss Hawaii tweeted: i mean this is just the beginning too dude, i have […]

Clarence Thomas’s ex girlfriend, Lillian McEwan recently had an interview with the Washington Post and disclosed some information on the Supreme Court Justice who’s sexual harassment allegations have been resurfaced after his wife, Virginia Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill, who accused him of sexual harassment in 1991. Here are some excerpts from the […]

It’s been 20 years since Anita Hill courageously spoke truth to power and exposed Clarence Thomas as a sexual harasser during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. And now Thomas’ wife, a right-wing Tea Party advocate, in a move as brazen as it is offensive, has asked Anita Hill to apologize to her abuser.1 Hill said […]

Writer Elizabeth Mendez Berry recently wrote a piece detailing the dangers women must face when strolling the streets. Many women encounter cat-calling, unwanted touches, and are many times put in uncomfortable situations by total strangers. This epidemic has serious consequences: University of Connecticut researchers found that “the experience of street harassment is directly related to […]