Trump-appointed federal judges shut down a newly drawn Louisiana congressional map that added a new majority-Black district.

The independent presidential candidate named the BLM-LA co-founder and Pan African Studies professor Melina Abdullah as his 2024 running mate.

Black candidates rose and fall as the general elections continue to take shape.

The Black Ballot

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee easily won her Super Tuesday primary election months after losing the Houston mayor runoff race.

An exclusive interview with Maryland's governor.

The powerful voting rights organization is hitting the road to educate and empower.

“The Democrats should not rely on the courts" to win the election, the candidate suggested.

The lone Black presidential candidate had time.

U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee's decisive mayor runoff loss in Houston is prompting urgent questions about the longtime incumbent Texas Congresswoman’s political future.


Before expecting Black people to shoulder the burden of enacting change, they must be safe, resourced and have their needs heard and met.

California's newest U.S. Senator has declined to seek a full term next year, which means there is still only one Black woman running for U.S. Senate in the Golden State next year.