Before expecting Black people to shoulder the burden of enacting change, they must be safe, resourced and have their needs heard and met.

California's newest U.S. Senator has declined to seek a full term next year, which means there is still only one Black woman running for U.S. Senate in the Golden State next year.

The Black Ballot

A new poll found Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent candidacy helps Biden against Trump. Pollsters previously said Cornel West's candidacy helped Trump.

Rep. Pete Aguilar nominated Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker of the House by ripping Jim Jordan, Republicans' nominee for the powerful position.

Black history was made when Laphonza Butler become the third Black woman U.S. Senator.

Tim Scott said during the second GOP presidential debate that slavery wasn't as "hard to survive" for Black families as LBJ's "Great Society" welfare program.

Republicans are apparently more concerned with Tim Scott's marital status than the issues.

Eric Johnson, the second-ever Black mayor of Dallas, is switching to Republican months after winning reelection by running as a Democrat.

The Black Ballot

For National Voting Registration Day, here's a step-by-step guide to prepare you to cast your ballot on Election Day. If you want to exercise your constitutional right to vote, you need to register first.

Vice President Kamala Harris is kicking off a college tour at an HBCU to shore up support among young voters amid concerns about Joe Biden's age.

A new poll found Biden would barely lose with Cornel West playing "spoiler."

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Democratic Kentucky attorney general hopeful Pamela Stevenson calls out the current AG.