All 19 suspects have surrendered in Atlanta and their mugshots are going viral.

Derrick Gibson, a Black man and former New York gubernatorial Republican candidate, wore a "N*ggas For Trump" shirt outside Fulton County Jail and said the ex-president should be "king" of the U.S.

The disingenuous comparison to contesting the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election is flawed.

Charged for harassing Black election workers, she renewed her support for Trump.


Prosecuting a former president is not an easy decision. Harvard University criminal law professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. explains why.

Despite a 37-count federal indictment against Trump, Tim Scott is deflecting blame.


Donald Trump was charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records before the 2016 presidential election. Here are each of them...

Trump was finally arrested and formally charged on more than two dozen felony counts.

In a twist, conservatives are suggesting the U.S. "limit funding" - aka defund - the FBI and DOJ because of Donald Trump's criminal indictment in New York City. So much for the "party of law and order"...


Everyone should be subject to the rule of law.


What are the consequences of an indictment and potential trial for Trump's 2024 campaign and, if his effort is successful, his future presidency?

In response to Donald Trump's indictment, Jason Whitlock declared that while he's never voted in the past, he is "hardcore MAGA" now.