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Trump surrenders at Fulton County Jail in Georgia election subversion case

Blacks For Trump members gather on Rice Street to support the former president in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on August 24, 2023. | Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

OK, hear me out—I think I’ve finally come across a Black Trump supporter that I can kind of tolerate, which is only to say I find him more amusing than I do obnoxious. 

Meet Derrick Gibson.

Last year, Gibson ran for Governor of New York but was disqualified from the Republican primary, according to Ballotpedia. Why he was disqualified is unclear, but these days Gibson is involved in a new campaign and he goes by a new name:

“N*ggas 4 Trump.”

“I’m here to support President Trump? You wanna know why I’m here to support President Trump? Because they done did Black men like this for decades. Make up charges—so I know Trump is innocent. I support Trump against this corrupt, two-tier justice system,” Gibson told a reporter while standing outside the Fulton County jail along with his fellow Blacky-lackeys for white nationalism. 


I’m sure you’re wondering how I can tolerate such a tragic sambo who thinks Trump, a visibly Caucasian man, is being railroaded on—I’m just going to say it—trumped-up charges, because, for generations, he’s seen what the “two Americas” justice system has done to Black men, which, again, Donald Trump is not. (Trump isn’t melanated, he’s melon-tinted. Sorry for the confusion.) Well, look, I’m not saying this guy isn’t just as much a sunken place idiot as most MAGA house slaves are, but Gibson is the guy manning the grill at the sunken place cookout in Nike Air flip-flops listening to Earth, Wind and Fire and asking all the younger Blacks for Trump, “What you know about this here, young blooded American?” 

I mean, he could have gone the same way as his fellow protestors. He could’ve worn a t-shirt that says “Blacks for Trump 2020”—which I can only assume they did because they were so eager to show support for their MAGA massa that they forgot to get updated shirts printed out. But Gibson decided to ditch respectability politics and where his attitude right on his chest. He even apparently changed his name for the occasion. (In fact, out of respect, I will refer to him by his preferred name from now on.)

Later on in the video, the reporter asks him what his name is and he answers, “N*ggas 4 Trump.” Again, I can appreciate that Mr. 4 Trump is stumping for an orangey-white supremacist overlord while refusing to code-switch for the white gaze. I mean, he also let a non-Black (probably white) person off-camera point at him and say, “That’s my n*gga,” but that’s to be expected. Cousin Roofus (the slightly more militant distant relative of Uncle Ruckus) probably knew he was pushing it with all that oppressed Black man talk that sounded too much like critical race theory, so he likely knew he had to let a (probably) Caucasian person drop the n-bomb on him so he didn’t further displease the overseer he wants to crown king.

“I think we should make Trump king,” Mr. N*ggas declared. “That’s how I feel. We should make him clean.”

When asked by the reporter if making Trump a monarch would qualify as communism, 4 Trump quickly answered, “No, that’s nowhere near communist. Naw, we just gon make him king, but we’ll still have our freedom and rights and everything.”

Listen: The guy may know so little about history that he thinks monarchs are facilitators of freedom and rights, and he also thinks Trump Crow is the new Jim Crow, but he also sounds like every Black person’s drunk uncle who the rest of the family begs to put the bottle down so he can stop embarrassing himself. I’m just saying, there’s something about him that feels familiar while most Black conservatives don’t sound like they’ve ever lived on the same block as another negro, let alone attended Black functions. N*ggas 4 Trump seems like the kind of guy who will whoop you on the spades table just before leaving for a MAGA rally.

After being asked what he thought about the RICO charges against Trump in Georgia, which 4 Trump called “bullsh*t,” he claimed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was “full of sh*t” and that she went to school with his sister and was “full of sh-t then too.” Again, tell me he doesn’t sound like your messy uncle talking bad about your play-auntie from down the street.

I mean, obviously, QBruh-man doesn’t know anything, and his ignorance is just as aggravating as that of the rest of his ilk—but he has an “IDGAF” way about him that I just can’t help but find kind of adorable.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to be a sunken Trump-stump, at least be entertaining.


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