The Stand Your Ground case centered on race.

Defense attorneys ripped the conviction of a Black man who stood his ground in Georgia.

Marc Wilson was found guilty of manslaughter but acquitted of murder in a case centered on race.

Senior Judge Michael L. Karpf issued a seven-page order for Wilson’s case to be rescheduled according to the usual procedures of the local court.


Reasonable fear of blackness is accepted, but Black people’s genuine fear of severe bodily injury or death is often disregarded. 

William Marcus Wilson claims he shot in self-defense at a truck trying to run him off the road while yelling racial slurs at him.

William Marcius Wilson is accused of murder for what his lawyers say was a classic Stand Your Ground case of self-defense. The judge issued a gag order and continued a preliminary hearing over COVID-19 concerns.

William Marcus Wilson should be held to the same legal standards as white defendants who cite Georgia's Stand Your Ground laws, defense attorneys said in the case of a Black driver killing a white teen in a truck chasing him.