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Shakespeare wrote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”, and not since Leon Spinks was briefly champion of the heavyweight division in 1978 has a top ranked dude looked so utterly baffled as to how to conduct himself as Lil Wayne.

This past year, not only has Wayne had to deal with standard rapper BS like drug and gun charges, but he’s made some bizarre personal choices as well. Already a father of two by two different women, the rapper reportedly now has another two children on the way and dueling prospective baby mamas in actress Lauren London and singer Nivea. Now, while this is certainly Wayne’s personal business and even biblical in a “King Solomon” kinda way, it’s also gotta be a bit of a distraction for a man that wishes to stay at the top of his game.

And not even Wayne’s professional career has made too much sense as of late. After inexplicably recording a song entitled “Whip It Like a Slave,” he appeared on the BET Awards this past Sunday night and as April Silver so brilliantly pointed out, by performing a song about wanting to sex every girl in the world while there were adolescents running around on stage, he actually flirted with encouraging pedophilia!

Now, if being the top dog since last year’s BET Awards has been Wayne’s psychological hurdle, he should be able to rest a little easier-he’s no longer king. As usual, the BET Awards were the coronation for a new top rapper. The only difference was that this time, despite a token attempt to retain the throne by Wayne, a injury-hobbled grab for the ring by Drake, and a desperate attempt by Hov to be the first man to regain the throne since it bounced around a lot between 86-92, this championship was actually decided off-stage. The new king just sat back and watched the whole show with his queen: regal and in control.

Exactly who’s had a better year than Kanye West? His most recent album, “808s and Heartbreak” was sensational. His song “Amazing” was selected by the NBA as the soundtrack to this year’s playoffs. And every guest appearance he’s made recently, be it on the remix of Beyonce’s “Big Ego“, on The Dream’s “Walking on the Moon” or on Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down“, has been blistering. Paraphrasing poet Nikki Giovanni, as far as this past year is concerned: even Kanye’s mistakes have been perfect.

So get well, Wayne. As fans, we’re not allowed to dissect a man’s life, only his art. And what’s scary now is that at this point, the only two paths that seem to be available to you are the way of Bob Marley, or the way of the Ol’ Dirty Bastard.