From the NY Daily News:

An MTA worker emerged Tuesday as the winner of a $133 Mega Millions jackpot, going public three weeks after his numbers came in.

Aubrey Boyce, 49, of Queens, spent $2 on tickets for the July 7 drawing – and wound up with a lump sum cash payment of $56.7 million after taxes.

It’s a big pay upgrade for Boyce, who earned a little more than $50,000 a year as an MTA collections agent. The married Boyce said he waited to claim his prize until after the excitement surrounding the drawing calmed down.

During the interim, Boyce set up an asset management trust fund to handle his windfall. Lottery officials said the Mega Millions winner allowed the computer to pick the numbers. He opted for the lump sum payment that will give him a whopping $82.7 million.

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