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A Florida police officer is facing felony charges after he violently shoved a 13-year-old boy to the ground for arguing with his mother, WFTV reports.

The incident happened in May between resource officer Mario Badia and Alexis Richmond’s teenage son in the lobby of Kissimmee Middle School. Richmond said her son was talking back to her and Badia was called to defuse the situation. Badia arrived and grabbed the teen’s face and twisted his wrist to restrain him.

The boy fell to the ground, leaving Richmond confused and terrified for her son.

WFTV reports:

She said police should not have been called to deal with a “kid being a kid” talking back to his mother. “He came in with such a hostile manner, like he was ready for war,” said Richmond. “There’s nothing I can do. I felt so helpless.”

Badia was arrested after the video was released and suspended with pay. So far, the officer has reportedly collected $15,000.

Richmond’s son suffered a sprained ankle and wrist, leading to her decision to file a lawsuit against Badia.

He is currently facing child abuse charges. The Orlando Sentinel reports Badia pled not guilty to the charges in October. While the video has no sound, Badia wrote in his incident report that the teen tried to push him away when he attempted to grab his chin in an effort to get his attention. The teen also screamed obscenities at him during the incident.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

According to Badia’s report, the student “shouted profanities and demanded his release.” The student’s mother ran over, but did not physically interfere as Badia twisted her son’s arm for 42 seconds, according to Badia’s arrest affidavit. When Badia let go of his arm, the student got up and tried to walk toward the door. Badia pushed him toward his mother near the front desk. The student’s mother spoke with Badia and school officials for about five more minutes as her son stood at the front desk.

Badia will stand trial for the incident on Dec. 7.

SOURCE: WFTVThe Orlando Sentinel | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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