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The Los Angeles Times calls Berkeley the “flashpoint” of political protests in the Trump era. This assessment comes after supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump exchanged blows Saturday.

From the Washington Post:

Dueling pro- and anti-Trump rallies in Berkeley, California turned violent Saturday as numerous fistfights broke out and protesters fired pepper spray into a crowd. Police arrested more than a dozen people and requested aid from other law enforcement agencies.

It was not immediately clear what protesters were charged with, or whether there would be more arrests. The Berkeley Police Department seized numerous prohibited items, including sticks and knives, according to the agency.

In February, violent protest erupted at the University of California, Berkeley with news that controversial Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a right-wing extremist, would visit the college for a talk.

While the two sides fought on Saturday, dozens of protests erupted nationwide, as demonstrators called on Trump release his personal tax returns.

Trump has said he could not release his taxes because of an IRS audit. However, the tax agency said he’s allowed to make them public during the audit. Trump has so far declined, fueling suspicion that he’s hiding something.

SOURCE:  Los Angeles Times, Washington Post


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