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Georgia’s Democratic nominee for governor Stacey Abrams cast what was likely the most important vote in her life on Monday. Abrams, who could make history as the nation’s first African-American woman governor, decided to vote early in Georgia instead of waiting for Nov. 6.

“In a time when people are concerned about whether their ballots are counted, if we vote early, we can guarantee that people have time to correct any mistakes, to deal with any concerns — and if we vote early, we can deal with any concerns and we’ll know by Election Day, where we stand,” she told WXIA-TV.

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Voter suppression efforts in Georgia will certainly be one of the hot-button topics in Abrams’ upcoming first debate on Tuesday night against her GOP rival Brian Kemp.

Recent polls placed the two candidates in a statistical tie among expected voters. Here are five issues that will likely come up during their debate.

Voter Suppression

Kemp, who also oversees Georgia’s voting system as secretary of state, created a political firestorm over his alleged efforts to prevent Black people from voting by placing more than 53,000 voter registration applications on hold—about 70 percent of them from African-Americans.

Outrage on social media also prompted Kemp to delete a controversial video from his office’s website on Thursday. He was accused of promoting racial voter intimidation.

Donald Trump Policies

President Donald Trump has tweeted his support for Kemp. Trump praised Kemp for the job he’s done as secretary of state. And Kemp has been a vocal supporter of the president’s policies, especially on immigration.

IRS Debt

The Republican Governors Association released an attack ad on Aug. 10 that tries to debt shame Abrams, who reportedly owes the IRS $54,000, stemming from financially assisting her parents. Abrams had previously made arrangements with the agency to pay her debt.


Questioning the science behind climate change is a core issue for Kemp and his fellow Republicans to please their base voters. Abrams has been unapologetically liberal while campaigning in the red state by arguing that climate change is real.

Sexual Predators

Kemp’s campaign approved an ad accusing Abrams of voting in the state legislature to let sexual predators work next to schools and childcare facilities. However, media fact finders stated that his claims are false.


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