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"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

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UPDATED: 4:15 p.m. ET, Oct. 29, 2022

In yet the latest indication that Candace Owens is pulling a fast one on her supporters in an effort to get paid at their literal expense, a new report found that one of her organizations has been seeing fewer donations as her payday from the same organization skyrockets.

The findings reinforce longstanding suspicions that Owens is a con artist who is following the money.

The organization in question is Owens’ so-called Blexit, a group that encourages Black people to leave the Democratic Party. A review conducted by the Daily Beast found evidence suggesting that the money Blexit received in donations has been going toward inflated salaries instead of being used to fulfill its “vision” of changing “the narrative that surrounds America’s minority communities – with a particular focus on African-Americans,” as stated on the Blexit Foundation website.

To let the Daily Beast tell it: “Donations to conservative commentator Candace Owens’ Blexit Foundation took a precipitous drop in 2021. But the organization paid Owens more than ever: $250,000 in salary, alone. That’s not including the chartered flights.”

Scroll down and keep reading to learn more about Owens’ Blexit grift, including how she even stole its name.


The damning Blexit report came days after all evidence pointed to Owens using the artist formerly known as Kanye West as another stepping stone to the money.

In less than a month’s time, Owens has allegedly plotted with Ye on the infamous “white lives matter” shirts that set the stage for the rapper’s antisemitism scandal, which arguably paved the way for Ye to not only move to buy the right-wing Parler social media platform that happens to be run by Owens’ husband but also prompted major brands to sever ties that resulted in a major money loss for Ye.

All of the above has likely helped enrich Owens and her family by way of publicity for her struggle documentary on Black Lives Matter as well as a probable payday for her husband if the Parler deal ever goes through.

Meanwhile, Ye is also facing a $250 million lawsuit for echoing Owens’ conspiracy theory that George Floyd died from fentanyl use and not Derek Chauvin’s illegal kneeling restraint on the handcuffed man’s neck.

In total, Ye on Tuesday lost more than $1 billion of his net worth. Owens, on the other hand, is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

‘White Lives Matter’

Owens didn’t let a setback like the U.S. Supreme Court rejecting her earlier this month affect her as she remained on-task while wearing a matching “White Lives Matter” t-shirt with Kanye West during the rapper’s fashion show in Paris.

Chances are likely that she will be trying to sell those t-shirts much like the time she got busted stealing Kanye’s t-shirt designs for her failing Blexit, a slogan she also stole from the bank Black movement.

Both reports coupled with the imagery of a smiling Owens wearing such a shirt were the latest indications that she is a con artist doing anything to follow the money, including and especially selling out her own people.

Specifically, Owens petitioned the Supreme Court after Facebook labeled her status updates as a “hoax” or “false” as determined by fact checkers for USA Today.

Supreme Court rejects Candace Owens

But on Oct. 3 — the start of the latest Supreme Court term that is notably marked by a supermajority of conservatives — the nation’s highest court rejected the petition without even issuing a comment about it, according to the Law & Crime website.

Nearly a year before this latest pair of stunts, Owens was up to her Con-woman ways when she tried to claim that the U.S. should invade Australia.


During a segment of her YouTube show, she ranted about Australia being a “tyrannical police state” and their citizens being imprisoned against their will. Her extremely dangerous rhetoric is aimed at the Australian government’s decision to implement vaccine mandates that require all workers, public and private, to get at least one COVID-19 shot by mid-November, or face fines up to $5,000.

In the video, Owens called the mandate, “Tyranny. Totalitarianism. The kind that gives birth to evil dictatorships and human atrocity.”

As right-wing talking heads like Owens continue to use vaccine mandates as a way to stoke fear and spread lies, more people continue to die from COVID-19. Her disregard for human life is mind-boggling, but should we expect anything different at this point? Candace gonna Candace, no matter who she hurts or steps on in the process.

Candace Owens congress testimony

Source: CSPAN screenshot

Her promotion of the so-called “Freedom Phone”

The money must be drying up for Candace Owens, who is going full-fledged grifter with her newest endeavor: the so-called Freedom Phone, a device that she is disingenuously billing as the next coming in cellphones when, according to reports, it’s actually an iPhone knockoff

The keyword there is “billing,” as the Freedom Phone carries a price tag of $500 and was described by the Daily Beast as “a phone preloaded with apps like Parler and Rumble that appears to be a vastly more expensive version of a phone made in China.” A news article bringing attention to Owens’ latest scam said the Freedom Phone was being pushed by “MAGA Influencers.”

"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

Source: Jason Davis / Getty

While promoting a product and likely getting paid for it is nothing new, Owens’ trademark disingenuousness was on front street with her latest endeavor with shrewd social media sleuths saw that the same person who once had kind words toward Hitler was tweeting about the Freedom Phone from an iPhone. The obvious suggestion is that Owens does not use the Freedom Phone to promote the Freedom Phone, urging her millions of followers to use a product that she herself does not.

Notably, Owens tweeted while using an iPhone that she “partnered with a SOLUTION against Apple” for the Freedom Phone. She made sure to include a special code for a discount when purchasing the phone. Screenshots preserved that truth.

Anti-vaccine campaign backfires miserably

The Freedom Phone grift was a departure from her months-long anti-vaxxing campaign, something for which she has been hilariously trolled — especially after the staunch conservative who has said she is anti-abortion unintentionally advocated for pro-choice while making an anti-vaxx argument.

Twitter quickly helped Owens realize she was working against her own interests after she voiced that her family will remain unvaccinated.

While it’s unclear what initially prompted Owens’ tirade, it may be directed towards the White House announcement to launch several initiatives to help decrease vaccine hesitancy, especially among Black and other minority communities.

She went on to say that she would not force her employees to do so either, in hopes to guarantee their “medical freedom.”

However, it was this tweet that made Owens trend on Twitter, where many quickly pointed out that she should have the same energy and space for persons who choose to undergo an abortion.

In response to the hilariously tongue-in-cheek tweets congratulating Owens on her change from pro-life to pro-choice regarding abortion, Owens couldn’t help herself and continued digging a deeper hole for herself.

Owens fails at trying to bully Naomi Osaka 

On Memorial Day, a day which was supposed to be housed in reverence, Owens used her Twitter platform to lash out at Naomi Osaka over her decision to prioritize her mental health and withdraw from the French Open after voicing the press demands inhibited her wellness.

However, in a matter of hours, Owens quickly reversed her sentiments, largely due to the incessant Twitter dragging she received.

The optics didn’t go over and many resorted to giving Owens the same energy that she inflicts on others especially when she should have used the moment to support another young Black woman who was suffering from mental illness and exhaustion.

Owens disingenously takes aim at Chrissy Teigen

In May, with her 15 minutes of hateful infamy quickly dwindling, the sunken conservative white supremacist who typically jumps at the chance to spew her anti-Black venom has selectively set her spiteful sights on Chrissy Teigen, who has come under fire over a cyberbullying scandal that involves a person dying by suicide.

As a result — and to Owens’ despicable delight — Teigan has lost a series of lucrative endorsement deals. But, Owens wants everybody to believe, she would be “happier” if Teigan apologized for her words.

Owens’ goal is always self-promotion in hopes of maintaining her loosening grasp on the few remaining shreds of relevancy she’s been swinging from since her beloved Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. So it makes perfect sense that in this instance, she tried to capitalize on a topic that had nothing to do with her under the purported guise that she was simply acting out of an altruistic concern that actually never existed.

It was in that context that Marlow Stern, the senior entertainment editor for the Daily Beast, tweeted evidence of — yep, you guessed it — Candace Owens mocking Meghan Markle for having suicidal thoughts and calling Kurt Cobain “stupid” for taking his own life.

Owens also had some choice words about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

Those damning receipts were just the latest instance of Owens deferring to hypocrisy in order to ensure her name becomes a top trending topic on Twitter. Mission accomplished, but at what cost?

Remember, this is the same person who in March went and reignited her running feud with rapper Cardi B in a disingenuous attempt at championing women’s rights — along racial lines, of course.

After Owens — who, notably, has sympathized with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and repeatedly blamed Black men for being killed by the police — went on Fox News to express her outrage at Cardi B’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night, the rapper fired back in a series of tweets, prompting a lively back and forth between the two.

Owens was angry that Cardi B was getting attention for her hit song “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion and suggested the rapper had no other recourse than to sell sex. That’s when Cardi clapped back on Twitter and pointed out that Owens was a major defender of former first lady Melania Trump, who at one point earned at least part of her living by posing nude — also know as selling sex, making her guilty of what Owens tried to shame Cardi for.

The exchange came a little more than two weeks after Owens labeled the former president as a feminist — the same Donald Trump who once bragged he could sexually assault women at will because he is a celebrity.

All of the above is also the latest proof among the mounting evidence that Candace Owens is a fraud, and we have endless receipts.

Lawsuit With the NAACP

Owens now calls the NAACP “one of the worst groups for Black people,” even though the organization helped her win a racial discrimination lawsuit. In 2007, she accused some white boys of racially harassing and threatening to kill her. Owens claimed the boys were the son of then-Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, Connecticut’s former governor. Because of the NAACP, Owens’ family received a settlement of $37,500 from Stamford Public Schools.

Scot X. Esdaile, the Connecticut NAACP president who helped Owens with her lawsuit, was shocked to hear she had become a conservative. Esdaile told Mic, “We’re very saddened and disappointed in her. It seems to me that she’s now trying to play to a different type of demographic.”

He also said, “It’s the same type of thing Clarence Thomas did. [Thomas] reaped all the benefits of affirmative action and then tried to roll over on it. It’s that kind of mentality and disrespect.”

Anti-Trump Website

In May of 2018, BuzzFeed reported that Candace Owens was the CEO of an anti-Trump, liberal-leaning website called Degree180. Owens wrote in 2015 that it was “good news” that the “Republican Tea Party … will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope).”

Degree180 also talked about Trump’s penis size and him being racist with an immigrant wife.

The site reportedly shut down by the end of 2016 and Owens magically “came out” as a conservative on YouTube a few months later.

Fox News

By March of 2018, Owens was slithering onto TV stations and finally made it to Fox News. She spit out a line that went viral and made her a darling of pseudo-conservatives. Owens said the National Rifle Association was founded as a civil rights organization that protected Black people from the KKK. Even the Fox News host said, “I’ve never heard that before! That’s so interesting!” She never heard it before, either, because it was a lie.

Watch the insanity below:

PolitiFact confirmed she lied or is just willfully ignorant. According to the NRA’s own web site, “Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to ‘promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis,’ according to a magazine editorial written by Church.”

However, her fraudulent comment made her a media darling.

Another Lawsuit

Back in January of this year, Owens attacked New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for being “fiscally irresponsible” because the newly elected congresswoman couldn’t afford an apartment in Washington, D.C. However, reporter Nathan Bernard exposed Owens by posting a lawsuit that showed “she rented a $3,500 apartment, lived there for six months rent-free, then claimed she had gotten ‘toxic mold sickness’ and threatened to sue her landlord to avoid paying rent.”

She allegedly stopped paying rent in September of 2016 and was evicted in January of 2017, which coincides with her “coming out” as a conservative only months later.

As for the mold claims, a legal analyst told Bernard Media, “The obvious question is if the place was so unlivable why stay there 6 months, even rent free? Why not get out of there especially if you can afford an apartment for $3,500? It’s not difficult to identify a toxic mold infestation either. If you started to exhibit symptoms that seemed related to the infestation, why not notify a doctor immediately? Also, why sue a year later after moving out? There are a lot of questions that arise on first glance at this case. She’s going to have a huge burden of proof at trial.”

Social Autopsy

In the spring of 2016, Owens launched an anti-cyberbullying website called Social Autopsy. She reportedly started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 (she sure likes money she doesn’t have to work for). described the site as a “searchable database of offensive speech found on social media.” Owens wanted to expose people who anonymously harassed others online, which is known as doxing and is a huge no-no among conservatives. She claimed she got pushback from the left, which was allegedly one of the sparks that lit her conservative fire.

However, reported, it was the right who attacked her.

“While Owens portrays herself as a victim of leftist persecution, the fact is that the initial backlash against Social Autopsy came mostly from the ‘cultural libertarian’ opposition to the authoritarian left. YouTube video bloggers Matt Jarbo (“Mundane Matt”) and Chris Maldonado (“Chris Ray Gun”), both strong critics of ‘social justice warriors,’ were among the first to blast the project as a terrible idea. Another early negative report came from none other than Breitbart; it was written by Allum Bokhari, a frequent co-author of the not-yet-disgraced Milo Yiannopoulos and a leading foe of the ‘SJW’ left in digital and tech culture,” the site wrote.

This would make sense because it is clearly people on the right or MAGA crazies who don’t want to be exposed for their hatred. You can hear Owens doing the voiceover for the Social Autopsy video below:


Her term Blexit, which got her embarrassed by Kanye West who implied she “used” him, is a slogan that was stolen from the Bank Black movement. Listen to the actual founder of Blexit, Me’la Connelly, explaining how Owens stole her slogan:

In addition, Owens’ Blexit site is packed with historical inaccuracies. Historian Kevin Kruse broke this down for her on Twitter and he was blocked. The thread is an excellent read packed with facts.

Within only a few years, Owens had two failed internet projects, didn’t pay rent and then somehow became a conservative, landing a job at Turning Point USA. She is now known for outlandish language. She said Hitler only wanted to make Germany “great again.”

After the horrific mail bombs sent to Democrats back in October, she tweeted then deleted, “I’m going to go ahead and state that there is a 0% chance that these ‘suspicious packages’ were sent out by conservatives. The only thing ‘suspicious’ about these packages is their timing. Caravans, fake bomb threats—these leftists are going ALL OUT for midterms.”

There are true conservatives out there who have been involved in politics for years, but Owens does not appear to be one of them. She is clearly in this for fame, attention and is following the money.


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