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Brandon Hart was a frequent customer of Eddie’s Takeout in Northeast D.C. but that has all changed. After looking a receipt for a order he placed last on May 24, the N-word was where he name should be.

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Hart told Fox 5, “How can you write that word unintentionally and then print it?” He also said, “People need to be more educated. Not just white people and black people. Just people in general.”

The restaurant’s excuse? No one at the restaurant speaks or writes English so it was a misspelling of his name. How do you go from Brandon to the N-word? The owner, Yung Lan, tried to explain, “You know, I don’t know what’s that word.  They write that maybe they speak.. ‘n-i-g-g-e-r.’ The customer tells, and we write down like that. They call in order, we write down there.” A server said, “We speak Chinese and our English is limited, so we ask customers to spell their names on the phone. We typed the name he spelled.”

The restaurant has now apologized but now they claim they are receiving death threats. Watch the news clips below:

Eddie’s Takeout is lucky there aren’t harsher repercussions. When Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant in Toronto, Canada racially profiled Emile Wickham and three of his friends on May 3, 2014, they were forced to pay up. Reportedly, they were told to prepay their food because it was the restaurant’s “policy.” Wickham were the only Black customers at the restaurant  and according to The Washington Post, “Wickham began going around to other tables in the restaurant and asking whether they, too, had been asked to pay for their meals ahead of time. No one else had had the same experience.”

The restaurant’s defense? An attorney claimed Hong Shing staff had “adopted a policy years ago where waiters would ask for prepayment from customers who weren’t ‘regulars.'” The tribunal found no evidence of this selective policy and in April of 2018 “the human rights tribunal ruled that the restaurant had discriminated against the group in 2014 and ordered Hong Shing to pay Wickham $10,000 in damages.” See the restaurant’s statement about the ruling below:

This is how companies should pay for racial discrimination — straight from their pockets.


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