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Texas Ranger Sgt. David Armstrong went viral earlier this week when he claimed on the stand that Amber Guyger did not commit a crime after she killed Botham Jean in his own home on Sept. 6, 2018. Now, more information has come out on Armstrong — he allegedly killed someone in 2017 and was never charged.

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In March, it was reported that a former Texas Department of Public Safety investigator was suing the agency for ignoring misconduct by the Texas Rangers. Armstrong’s case was used as an example. reported, “One case cited in the lawsuit involves Ranger David Armstrong, who was driving double the speed limit in his state-issued vehicle when he hit a pickup that had run a stop sign, according to a report on the 2017 crash. The truck’s passenger was ejected from the vehicle and later died of injuries.”

The outlet continued, “Investigators found that the truck’s driver was drunk but also noted that the crash wouldn’t have happened if Armstrong had been driving the speed limit. Armstrong wasn’t suspended or demoted, and he didn’t face criminal charges, according to department records. The lawsuit claims the incident demonstrates a double standard and evidence of a cover-up by top public safety officials. Armstrong’s attorney, Eric Perkins, denied that the Texas Rangers did anything to cover up the accident. The incident was thoroughly investigated, Perkins said.”

According to, the victim was 30-year-old JD Kristopher Trevino of Premont, Texas.

If the Texas Rangers do have a history of coverups, this clearly makes Armstrong’s testimony more suspect for many.

One user wrote, “David Armstrong the Texas Ranger in the Amber Guyger case who testified that he did not believe she committed a crime by entering Jean Botham’s apt and killing him KILLED SOMEONE in a wreck on duty while speeding and was NEVER CHARGED a couple yrs ago.”


In case you missed it, Armstrong said on the stand earlier this week, “I don’t believe that (the shooting) was reckless or criminally negligent based on the totality of the investigation and the circumstances and facts.”

He also maintained that several people went to the wrong floor, which is allegedly why Guyger went to Jean’s apartment. He also explained how she got through a locked door, “On multiple occasions, the door would close all the way and the door would also not completely close depending on the distance. And we were just letting go of the door not using any force and sometimes it would close all the way sometimes it wouldn’t, depending on the distance.”

Armstrong was also allowed to talk on her mental state. “Physically your heart rate goes very, very high. Your vision becomes narrowed, which is commonly referred to as tunnel vision,” he said. “You begin to think very, very quickly and because your vision is narrowing, you begin to concentrate on what you believe your threat is … and that’s due to blood rushing to the major organs of the body because your body is saying ‘I need to do this right now,’ which is either fight or flight.”

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