Another case of sounds about white… Mark Boisey pistol-whipped and fired nearly 50 shots at police. Nonetheless, he was still peacefully arrested and seen in handcuffs with a confident smile on his face.

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On Nov. 13, in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, which is about two hours outside of Philadelphia, police arrived at a house shortly after midnight due to a domestic violence call. According to WGAL, as soon as police arrived on the scene, Boisey, 31, began shooting. Cumberland County Public Information Officer John Bruetsch claimed, “there were so many shots (40 to 50) so quickly, that officers did not even have time to shoot back.”

Amazing… but when a teenager is running away, like De’Von Bailey, police have all the time in the world to shoot.

The standoff lasted for a whooping seven hours. The outlets reports, “Ultimately CERT officers made their way into the home and Boisey surrendered peacefully. He’s in police custody.” It’s a shocker they didn’t take him to Burger King like Dylann Roof.

See the footage below of him being arrested:

Fox 43 reports, During an interview with police, the victim said that she had received a text from Boisey. After that, she went to bed and locked the hallway door. According to the criminal complaint, the victim was awoken by several loud bangs before Boisey knocked the door to the bedroom down. Then, he allegedly pulled the victim out of bed by the hair, and shot off a round from his handgun. The victim fell to the floor, at which time Boisey allegedly punched her in the ribs, back, and head.”

He also fired at the victim’s head but missed.

Boisey is facing charges of aggravated assault, strangulation, intimidation of witnesses, simple assault, and harassment.

Violent white people calmly arrested is an ongoing theme. From Patrick Crusius, the accused El Paso mass shooter who allegedly killed at least 20 people, to Matthew Bernard, 19, who shot and killed two women and a child (also choked a church caretaker) in Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Amber Guyger,  who was able to roam the streets for three days after she shot and killed Botham Jean.

Click here for a full list of violent white folks who were peacefully arrested.


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