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After being told by Whoopi Goldberg, “girl, please stop talking” in front of millions of people on “The View” this Monday, what does co-host Meghan McCain do? She keeps talking.

However, this time she did it out of the presence of her talk show co-hosts. The conservative pundit hopped on Twitter early Tuesday morning with a GIF from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and wrote, “Good morning – to all the fellow conservative ‘girls’ who won’t be quiet.”


Okay Meghan.

On Monday, McCain had some more stuff to get off her chest when she seemed to continued the conversation that she couldn’t finish on “The View” about Donald Trump‘s impeachment process. “Dems and Rs alike need to confront the ugly truth: both parties are failing to be impartial jurors,” she tweeted. “I won’t be quiet, even if the reality reflects poorly on the entire political establishment. I have a responsibility to speak for the 50% that feels media doesn’t represent them.”


She then tweeted out a series of polls from polling data aggregator Real Clear Politics that show whether people support or don’t support Trump’s impeachment. “Pointing out things that are true is part of my job even if it angers people and even if it’s politically inconvenient,” she tweeted along with the polls.


Meghan then added, “Pretending half the country doesn’t exist won’t make them disappear. The culture war is real, and Americans who aren’t part of the overwhelmingly anti-conservative media deserve to have their views represented.”

Granted, Meghan’s points skirt away from the point Sunny Hostin was initially trying to make on Monday before McCain tried to interject but got shut down by Whoopi Goldberg. Hostin was making a moral argument by slamming Republicans in the Senate as being hypocritical. She argued that some of these same Republicans were quick to impeach and convict former President Bill Clinton back in the 1990s for perjuring himself, however, they are not willing to impeach and convict Trump, who allegedly conspired with the Ukrainian government to investigate presidential nominee Joe Biden during the 2020 elections. “That is the height of hypocrisy for this Republican-led senate,” Hostin said.

Meanwhile, McCain didn’t want to talk “ethics” but rather the “politics” of this impeachment process  “I’m an ABC political analyze along with being a ‘View’ co-host. My job is to analyze the politics of it,” she said. Eventually, Hostin and McCain kept talking over each other and as a moderator, Goldberg tried to end the conversation or at least transition it into a more coherent debate. This is when McCain whined, “Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on the show ever.”

Whoopi shut all this down by saying, “Girl, please stop talking!” Then, McCain agreed that she would be quiet, but continued with a snide remark, “I won’t talk for the rest of the show. No problem.” This is when Goldberg retorted with “I’m okay with that, if you’re going to behave like this.” Whoopi then tried to explain how McCain was being rude, but the conservative pundit kept talking. This is when Whoopi ended it for real with “We’re not doing anything….how about this….we’ll be right back,” and cued a commercial break.

The whole ordeal was definitely a Twitter moment and considering all the co-hosts have to reconvene again for more shows this week, audiences will have to wait and see if tensions will continue with the ladies.


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