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Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis who was murdered by a white man for playing music loudly in his car, announced her endorsement for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg earlier this month, along with three other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. On Wednesday, National Republican Congressional Committee’s regional press secretary, Camille M. Gallo, posted a racist tweet, citing a comment Bloomberg made during the debate in South Carolina when he spoke on the Democrats he has donated to which includes McBath, saying that the Georgia representative’s endorsement for Bloomberg “proves she can be bought.”

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“Last night, @MikeBloomberg admitted he bought @lucymcbath’s seat for $4,447,558. Since her endorsement of him proves she can be bought again… …we’ve sent her a ‘For Sale’ sign to get the ball rolling for 2020! #GA06,” she tweeted. Along with the tweet, Gallo included a tactless “for sale” sign, and an envelope which was addressed to what appears to be McBath’s campaign office.

McBath has since responded to the racist tweet, showing that she plans to take the high road and will be fighting back with a reelection into Congress. “These attacks began on day one.  They harassed my elderly mother-in-law. The NRA said I only won bc I’m a ‘minority woman.’ Each time, I did what I learned all too well after the death of my son – fight back. Let’s show them we can’t be bullied,” she tweeted, including a link to the homepage where donations are accepted for her campaign.

Although McBath didn’t play into Gallo’s racist reindeer games, there were folks on social media who weren’t as gracious.

“You…. don’t see the problem with doing this so you’re an idiot or an idiot who’s also a bigot. Please let us know which box you check,” one person tweeted.

“If you are proud to be put a for sale sign on a black woman’s house who lost a child to gun violence you have serious issues! Its utterly disgusting!” said another Twitter user.

McBath and Bloomberg’s relationship dates back to 2012, after her son’s death, when she served as the spokesperson for Bloomberg’s organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization against gun control and gun violence. The former New York City mayor also donated $4.5 million to McBath’s campaign for Congress two years ago.

“I first met Mike when I was searching for ways to fight against the dangerous gun laws that ripped my son from my life,” McBath said in a statement showing her support for the presidential candidate. “Mike gave grieving mothers like me a way to stand up and fight back. Nobody running for president has done more for the gun violence prevention movement than Mike.”

McBath wasn’t the only person targeted by Gallo’s racism. Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois received a “for sale” tweet as well.

However, it doesn’t appear that she has responded, at least, not via social media.


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