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The only thing we know for sure about Joe Biden‘s prospects for potential vice presidential running mates is that he has vowed whoever he selects will be a woman. Beyond that, it wasn’t really clear who exactly was on his shortlist, assuming there is one.

But in classic Twitter form, a growing number of tweets on Thursday morning have apparently taken it upon themselves to whittle down Biden’s choices to two people: Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Conspicuously missing from the social media conversation was Stacey Abrams, the rising star in the Democratic Party who has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in national politics.

Up until now, the consensus seemed to be that Biden needed to choose a Black woman as his running mate. But with Warren’s delayed endorsement of Biden on Wednesday, her name was thrust into the debate over who would make the better vice-presidential candidate. Social media users weighed in on the discussion in no uncertain terms to say why they thought their preferred candidate would make a better running mate.

One of the main social media critiques of Warren was that she may not be the right person to bring out Black voters, a key demographic whose support is seen as necessary to secure a Democratic victory on Election Day.

However, it can’t be forgotten that more than 100 Black women activists announced in November that they were “enthusiastically and wholeheartedly” endorsing Warren. The very next month, Warren scored tops on the 2020 Racial Justice Presidential Scorecard conducted by the Center for Urban and Racial Equity, which explained giving her a grade of A- was based her various policy plans that include a proposed $50 billion in aid to HBCUs.

Some tweets reckoned that Harris would be better served as Biden’s attorney general.

Others lamented that emotions were still raw from the reality that there won’t be a presidential ticket with both Harris and Warren on the ballot.

Oh, and what about those Michelle Obama rumors?

One tweet argued that if Biden had to choose between the two, he should select Harris off the strength that tapping Warren would mean the Republican governor of Massachusetts would be able to appoint a conservative to fill the senate seat that has typically been filled by liberals like Ted Kennedy. Harris as the running mate would allow the Democratic governor of California to fill her seat with a liberal replacement, thus fortifying the senate’s chances of holding a majority Democrats after the election.

One name that was absent from the social media debate was Stacey Abrams, the person who reports said Biden was grooming to be his running mate. The two of them reportedly met in March of last year at Biden’s request. The 46-year-old could appeal to the younger voters Biden so desperately needs support from at the ballot box in order to beat Donald Trump. She is also a progressive voice that many have accused Biden of not having.

In the end, it could come down to which possible running mate could attract the most Black voters. If that’s the case, a column in the New York Times on Tuesday made a compelling case for Abrams to be the Democratic nominee for vice president because, as Steve Phillips wrote, “It is in the realm of African-American voter enthusiasm that Ms. Abrams is without peer.”

With that said, online betting houses have only given Abrams the fourth-best odds to be selected by Biden. Harris is actually leading’s list of 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Betting Odds. She is followed by Amy Klobuchar — a choice that could potentially leave Black voters feeling resentful of that pick — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer followed by Abrams. Warren has the sixth-best chance of Biden picking her, according to the list of odds.

While the Democratic National Convention has been pushed back until August, time may be of the essence for Biden to quickly choose a running mate so the two of them can figure out as soon as possible the best plan of attack to beat Trump in November.


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