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Candace Owens turned 32 years old on Wednesday, a fact that the attention-seeking, Hitler sympathizing African American white supremacist felt the need to tweet about. She posted photos of herself as well as one of her British husband wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Well wishes poured in across social media from her millions of followers to readily support her ill-informed and very conservative hot takes on politics and the country in general.

The social media festivities got NewsOne to thinking about how birthdays just aren’t birthdays unless they’re accompanied by gifts. Therefore, we compiled a brief list of presents that we think she desperately needs, in no particular order.

1. A history lesson

The accused con artist may already have the gift of gab, but the words she spews are regularly filled with historical inaccuracies. With the coronavirus pandemic ushering in the age of remote learning, there may never be a better time for the same woman who said that “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well” to brush up on world and her personal history.  Remember when she claimed the NRA was a civil rights organization to protect Black people? And no, she didn’t mean to say the NAACP, a group with a rightful claim to that title that also, by the way, helped her win a racial discrimination lawsuit back in 2007. Thirteen years later and Owens is now saying proudly that she’s never experienced “race issues.” So, yes, suffice to say that a history lesson (or more) is in order.

2. A debate against Roland Martin

Roland Martin has been inviting Candace Owens on his “Unfiltered” daily digital news show to debate the issues for what seems like years now. That was especially true after Owens testified before Congress last year that she believes white nationalism would not make the list” of things that are “impacting minority Americans.” In the same sitting, Owens lied the House Oversight and National Security committees that there is a lack of Black fathers in homes with their children, perpetuating a bogus myth that has long been debunked, with statistics confirming that more Black fathers live with their children than those who do not. Chances are that a debate against Roland Martin — one she refuses to accept — would probably include the aforementioned history lesson.

3. A visit from the ‘Drop Squad’

This dated reference to a Spike Lee movie of the same name from 1994 is actually pretty timely. An acronym that stands for “Deprogramming and Restoration of Pride Squad,” the movie depicted a team of proud African Americans who target, kidnap and then brainwash (or, re-program) Black people it feels have lost touch with their racial roots. Starting to make more sense of why Candace Owens needs to be gifted a visit from the fictional group of pro-Black vigilantes? It could be the gift that keeps on giving if it could help Owens see the clear error in her ways. We previously made a list of some other folks deserving of the ‘Drop Squad’ treatment. (Disclaimer: NewsOne does not advocate the type of violence depicted during the movie’s “deprogramming” scenes. However, the underlying message still resonates: Black people need each other’s support to progress as a race, and anything less is seen at best as taking steps backward.)

The Betrayed Me Bunch

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4. PPE

Owens recently revealed herself to be a science-denier and has downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic to the point that she has reportedly refused to wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face coverings and gloves while out in public. She has also referred to stay-at-home orders as “house arrest.” Owens has said that covering her face “doesn’t make sense” because Washington, D.C., where she lives, has had a low number of deaths. She also argued that “nobody is playing this social distancing” game in certain parts of D.C. and questioned why certain rules were even implemented in the first place.

5. An unbeatable opponent in the political race she’s threatened to run for

Candace Owens recently said she was “considering running for office,” a terrifying prospect for any Black people living in whatever political district she has reportedly been eyeing. She later posted on Facebook that “I think it’s a plan,” lending more credence to suspicions that she will seek public office. All of which would make a formidable candidate against her a sorely needed belated birthday gift for Owens, whose political experience is comprised of throwing a Buffoon History Month celebration with Donald Trump at the White House and being fired from a conservative advocacy group that cloaks its racism with so-called patriotism.

Honorable mention: Knowledge of self

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