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For someone whose job entails distributing accurate information, Kayleigh McEnany has never been concerned with facts and figures, much like her predecessors.

The White House press secretary blew a loud dog whistle on Wednesday when she insinuated that the summer’s unrest over police violence against Black communities during the pandemic, is worse than gathering for a holiday party… during the pandemic.

“If you can loot businesses, burn down building, engage in protests, you can also go to a Christmas party…& you can do it responsibly,” she said according to a tweet from White House pool reporter Yamiche Alcindor.

We’re not sure where McEnany builds the courage for the ripe au-trash-ity that comes out of her mouth on a consistent basis when the White House serves as ground-zero for super-spreader activity, infecting multiple people and counting.

Now, we know she may struggle with digesting factual information, but if she was interested in a life away from alternative facts, she would know that protests were not linked to an uptick in COVID-19 infections.

A 60-page paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research over the summer showed that protests against systemic racism following the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others did not cause a significant increase in coronavirus infections.

The study examined data from 315 of the largest cities in the country, documenting protests which took place in 281 locations.

In fact, the paper found that “cities which had protests saw an increase in social distancing behavior for the overall population relative to cities that did not,” pointing to “modest evidence of a small longer-run case growth decline.”

The outcome was a result of the demonstrations being held outside and participants wearing personal protective equipment. For the White House, mask-wearing isn’t standard practice. Having indoor activity increases the chances of infection, with average risk factors being almost 20 times higher of contracting COVID-19 when participating in indoor activities instead of outdoor.

And lastly but not least, the system is broken and the response to a broken system ridden with 400 years of oppression shouldn’t be policed.


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