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We all know someone who incites a good ol’ fashioned read.

Comedian Leslie Jones amped up her spicy commentary on Wednesday night when she gave a play-by-play on Donald Trump‘s baseless claims around election fraud. Jones began the practice of her hilarious breakdowns during the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and again during the Winter Olympics in 2018.

But when MSNBC covered Trump’s 46-minute video statement lying about him winning the election and awkwardly pointing to charts and graphs that no one could see or understand, Jones was fed up.

“You know how sad you look, you f—–g stupid f—–g child. You up here with a chart that you can’t even read,” she began.

“Listen let me tell you something, I can’t believe anybody that’s a fan of me can’t look at this stupid motherf—–r and not be f—–g embarrassed. I’m so f—–g embarrassed. I hope—god—-t, can we cut off access to the other countries of seeing this type of s–t? she continued.

Jones claimed Trump will go down in history worse than President Richard Nixon, who stepped down after he was impeached over to the Watergate scandal.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star jumped around the cable news networks all night, filling in the gaps with her own rebuttals.

Jones dragged Trump after the election as a guest on her fellow SNL alum Seth Meyers’ late-night show, comparing him to a bad Top 40 radio song.

“It’s like when they want a hit on the radio and they play the hit like two times an hour,” Jones said. “And you keep hearing it. You know you don’t like that song. You know you don’t like the ‘Shape of You.’”

“But it plays three times. So now I like the ‘Shape of You.’ … So that’s what Trump does. Like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s a fraud, it’s a fraud, it’s a fraud.’ So you put that in your head of people who are not taking time to think about the democracy of this country. Yeah. He’s doing Entertainment 101. That’s all Trump is doing.”

Meanwhile, during Jones’ commentary, erratic and racist Michigan residents testified as witnesses for the lame-duck president during his ongoing voter fraud lawsuit in the state.

The testimonies are horrific, but the jokes plainly write themselves here.

Maybe there’s room for her to do more political commentary, not just around cable news but on the hazardous sound bites on the non-existent post-election voter fraud?

Leslie, call us if you see this.


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