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At this point, one can only wonder if anyone hates anything as much as cops must hate the advent of the cellphone camera.

There was a time when cops and Karens alike could engage in a little good old-fashioned racial profiling and harassment without ending up on someone’s viral video and possibly being confronted with the consequences of their actions. And while white and blue entitlement and fear continue to wreak havoc on Black people who simply wish to be left alone, Black people and supporters of Black lives, at the very least, know their readily available recording devices might give them some kind of recourse.

A recent video posted to TikTok shows a Black man being pinned to his car by a bunch of police officers while the woman recording the video is heard aggressively explaining to the cops that they have the wrong guy and it was actually a couple of white men who accosted the Black man they decided to go after.

While some have framed this story as Karens coming to the rescue, the woman who confronted the police identifies as Indigenous—however, she does have a white partner who can be heard confirming that the Black man they were detaining had done nothing wrong and was actually a victim. 

At any rate, this isn’t a Karen story—it’s an anti-Karen story. 

“It was those people going after him,” the Indigenous woman is heard shouting at the cops at the beginning of the video. “I saw that!”

“That’s what I’m saying,” the Black man said to the officers in response.

“There were people going after you, and the cops went after you and not the other white guys. I saw that s**t,” the woman continued.

She went on to explain that “there was a couple of white guys over there that went after him.”

“They got out of his vehicle, and he (the Black man) was trying to back away,” she said. “Oh, one of these cops actually believed the white guy when they said this guy was the one in the f**king wrong. That’s what f**king happened.”

The video ends with one of the police officers telling the woman that she’s not “contributing positively” to the situation, because, apparently, the officer was having a difficult time seeing the upside to witnesses stopping cops from arresting the wrong Black guy after taking a white guy’s story at face value.

In another video, the woman said one officer, who “refused to listen to me and would only listen to my partner, claimed that he was offended because his wife is Black so he can’t be racist.” It’s always amusing to see white people start listing their Black friends and relatives the second they get caught with their hand in the white supremacist cookie jar.

Anyway, in a third video, the woman said the Black man was eventually released and he “was able to go home to his brand new baby yesterday and that man was scared he wouldn’t.” Of course, she said that didn’t happen until her white partner cosigned what a Black man and an Indigenous woman had already explained.

But one of the cops says he has a Black wife, so nothing racist to see here, amirite?


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