Video Catches Melania Giving Trump The ‘God, I Hate You’ Look Again During World Series Game


Every year for Haloween (and the other 364 days of the year for that matter), ex-first lady Melania Trump dresses up as a person who actually likes her wrinkly old sentient rotten tangerine of a husband—but she never seems to be able to pull the costume off once the camera is on her.

Seriously, have we ever seen a photo or video of the Trumps where Melania doesn’t look like it just dawned on her that she severely underestimated how long it was going to take her husband to die after she married him?

We’ve already seen that she would rather stick her fist in a garbage disposal and flip the switch twice than hold Donald’s hand for more than a millisecond.

On Saturday, during the Atlanta Braves’ World Series game against the Houston Astros, the camera found the not-so-happy couple once again and caught Melania in another one of her moments where she’s just barely able to keep up appearances before she’s reminded that she still has to leave and go home with the guy whose Jack-o’-lantern mask can’t be removed. She and her husband were both all smiles and feigned amusement until she looked away from the commander-in-tanning-inconsistently and her smile turned upsidedown and that “Wow, I can’t even force my face to look like I can stand you” look too over her expression.

Not that anyone has reason to feel sorry for the woman who perpetually looks like she’s being held hostage. After all, she was also caught on video joining Donald and other Braves fans in gleefully performing the white nationalist wave in the stands because they clearly don’t care how racist that damn tomahawk chop is.

Does anyone else notice that neither of them is able to do a simple arm movement without looking stiff and awkward? Donald Trump looks like he can’t quite remember whether a chopping motion or going full “Heil Hitler” is appropriate for the occasion.

Anyway, as for Melania’s “God, I hate this man” moment, the fine folks on Twitter had a nice time dragging the couple like they’re dragging out their demonstrably miserable marriage.

Blink twice if you’re being held against your will, Melania.

I mean, ain’t nobody coming to save you—we just want to see if you can do something with your eyes around your husband besides rolling them. 


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