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A Karen and her Karen spawn are finding out the hard way what they should have learned through the myriad of Karen videos floating around the web that have caused white people everywhere job losses, legal issues or, at the very least, viral embarrassment and public shaming—minding Black people’s business can be costly while leaving us TF alone is 100 percent free.

You may remember a story from last month when a white woman and her son confronted a Black man who was doing his job and checking for parking permits in a parking garage in Nashville, Tennessee. The white woman called the police after the Black man refused to show her the identification she had no authority to demand he show, and her big pink Shrek of a son took a couple of swings at him because Black people who won’t do what they’re told are scary and white people who do whatever the hell they want to do are just regular-degular white people.

Well now, Karen and son have become jobless and jailed as the white woman has reportedly lost her gig as an investment broker and her crotch goblin has been arrested on assault charges.

According to Financial IQ, USB Wealth Management has cut loose Bitsy Brennan, the Karen in question whose name sounds like it was made up by Dr. Seuss and the USB employee who became registered as a broker and investment advisor with the company in 2007. A UBS spokesperson has confirmed that as of December 7, Ditsy…I mean, Bitsy “is no longer employed at the firm.”

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Beast, the Nashville Metro police have confirmed that Edward Brennan, the Kid Karen in training caught on camera lunging at Johnny Martinez, the victim in the incident, has been charged with assault because, as the warrant states, “A reasonable person would regard the contact as extremely offensive or provocative,” causing Martinez to fear “imminent bodily injury.”

So yeah, right about now, the Brennans are probably wishing they resisted the Caucasian urge to assert authority that only exists in their privileged minds and to racially profile Black people who are trying their damndest to mind their own business.

We hate to see these incidents continue to happen, but we love to see confrontational racists confronted with the consequences of their own actions.


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