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Sen. Tim Scott Delivers Remarks Commemorating Black History Month To The Charleston County Republican Party

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) delivers remarks at the Charleston County Republican Party’s Black History Month Banquet on February 16, 2023, in Charleston, South Carolina. | Source: Win McNamee / Getty

Listen: I always thought Jason Whitlock and Candace Owens were the leading Sunken Place MVP candidates, with Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas trailing slightly behind them. (Herschel Walker would be in the running too, but does anyone even know where he is these days? I would hate to think he’s suffered some wild vampire-hunting accident while serving as an FBI werewolf cop.)

But now there appears to be a new contestant, who may or may not be running for president in 2024, but is definitely seeking to be the new HNIC (House Negro Infatuated with Caucasians)and his name is Tim Scott.

According to NBC News, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott—the guy who declared America isn’t a racist country despite all the data that says otherwise—spoke at the Charleston County GOP’s Black History Banquet on Thursday night. (First of all, the GOP having a Black History Banquet is like an exterminators’ union having a Rodent Appreciation Brunch. But whatever, I’m sure they went straight back to burning critical race theory at the stake the next day.)

During his speech, Scott didn’t announce that he was running for president like many are anticipating he will, but he did rifle through a bunch of generic Republican talking points while continuing to dry-hump America and defend it against allegations of racism. But much like former South Carolina governor Nikky Haley, who did recently announce her 2024 presidential run, Scott invoked race relations in America but failed to stay consistent in his message.

From NBC:

Scott, the first Black senator from South Carolina, spoke at length about his personal story of overcoming childhood poverty, his family’s perseverance through generations of racism and his entrance into politics, arguing that his experience is evidence that the country’s progress on racial issues outweighs modern-day racism.

Scott also promoted the tenets of his agenda — promoting opportunity zones, conservative police reform, curbing federal spending and enacting school choice policies.

“There is a way for us to unify this country around basic principles that lead us forward, but we have to put behind us a lie that this is the worst time in American history — only if American history started today,” Scott said.

“I’m sick and tired of people telling me how bad it is,” he continued, adding: “I’m not here to suggest things can’t get better. I’m going to work every single day to make sure all Americans play on a level playing field. But today is not 1865. Today is not 1923. … We have made tremendous progress, and it’s time that we as a people celebrate the progress we are making.”

In other words: I experienced a lot of racism in America, which definitely isn’t a racist country, even though there was clearly racism throughout the vast majority of its existence—but not now though. 

It’s worth pointing out that Scott was born in 1965, meaning he was born after the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed and implemented and the same year of the Voting Rights Act. In other words, Scott was born after Jim Crow and he still acknowledges his experience with racism in a supposedly non-racist country.

In fact, to let Scott tell it, the only people suffering real discrimination these days are*checks notes because this sh*t has GOT to be wrong*—Republican conservatives. 

More from NBC:

At one point, Scott suggested conservatives are under siege and increasingly subjected to discrimination. His comments drew loud applause.

“Listen, I understand how it feels to be treated as a second-class citizen because of the color of my skin,” Scott said. “I refuse to be considered a second-class citizen because of the color of my party.”

Yeah, Scott is definitely in this sunken race trying to inch past Carson, who once compared attacks on Black conservatives to chattel slavery.

I wish just one conservative politician or pundit who swears to Klan Jesus that right-wingers are being discriminated against could give just one legitimate example of said discrimination, outside of social media bans, which happen to people of all ideologies, despite conservatives claims that it’s only happening to them.

Please tell me there are “Democrats only” water fountains somewhere in America, or diners where only progressives can come in through the front door and sit at the counter. Where’s the Conservative Lives Matter movement, since, obviously, police officers across the nation are profiling, arresting, beating and shooting unarmed Republicans disproportionately?

If conservatives are being so deeply discriminated against, then how is it that every Republican-led state legislature in the country is successfully implementing voter suppression laws, based on Donald Trump’s big conservative lie, as well as legislation to whitewash African American studies to the point where all that can be taught in their schools is the usual diet Black history? (For the diets of fragile white people who suffer from IBS, or Irritable Bigot Syndrome.)

Conservatives are not being discriminated against, they just know they’re losing their “culture war,” and that has their persecution complexes going into overdrive.



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