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Ice Cube and Tucker Carlson

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Listen: I’m no conspiracy theorist and I certainly don’t engage the wildest, most idiotic non-conspiracies to plague the internet, such as the ones surrounding Jamie Foxx. But I still have a simple question:

Have—have they cloned Ice Cube?

When Cube was in contact with the Trump administration weeks ahead of the 2020 election because he had input on Trump’s “Platinum Plan” (Because Black people love platinum, amirite?), I wrote that he was simply being naive if he believed Donald Trump was going to drop $500 billion on the Black community while the U.S. economy was grappling with a downturn during the height of the pandemic when he could’ve been working his “plan” since the beginning of his presidency when he inherited an economy on the rise.

But now—I just don’t know, man.

It couldn’t be pure naivete that has Cube out here doing interviews with the right-wing’s favorite British crybaby, Piers Morgan. And even worse, now he’s chauffeuring fired Fox News host Tucker Carlson around South Central L.A. while the two dish about how the COVID vaccine is unsafe and how science shouldn’t be trusted.

“I wanted to be an example for my kids. Make sure they didn’t take it either. I was willing to stand on my own convictions,” Cube said regarding the vaccine. Of course, he also told Carlson he never wanted to “become the poster child for the anti-vax movement,” nor did he “want to be controlled.”

OK, now look: At this point, I’m not surprised by any celebrity anti-vaxxer who doesn’t trust science nor know anything about science but thinks they’re smarter than actual scientists. I don’t listen to my favorite artists’ music or watch their movies because of their social and political worldviews. I tune in for the talent they provide, not the intellect that they, well, don’t.

Besides, we been knew O’Shea Jackson was an anti-vaxxer. He’s turned down movie roles because of it. He’s out here taking photos with anti-vax and anti-science loon RFK Jr. Cube’s vaccine stance is not the cause of my current concern.

I just want to know why he’s hobnobbing with a man who is such a raging white nationalist that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke essentially thinks Carlson is his apprentice.

Why is the AmeriKKKa rapper chillin’ with an AmeriKKKan who made racist jokes about  Tyre Nichols and George Floyd?

Why is the “No Vaseline” rapper chillin’ with a rabid racist who was mad at President Joe Biden for appointing so many Black women as federal judges because he clearly thinks sitting on those benches is a white man’s job?

Why is the rapper of “F—k The Police” fame sharing space with a pro-cop, anti-Black liar who denounced anti-police violence protests while praising participants in the Jan. 6 Rowdy Whites Rebellion as “gentle patriots waving flags?” This is the man who has used his platform to denounce critical race theory while admitting that he “never figured out what critical race theory is.”

All I’m saying is “True To The Game” Ice Cube would not be happy with white nationalist bosom buddy Ice Cube.

In fact, Black Twitter is also displeased with the “It Was a Good Day” (in the sunken place, apparently) hip-hop legend.

I mean, just look at this photo and tell me the Get Out vibes aren’t strong here.

What’s next? Is the former NWA emcee going to be on the court scoring a triple-double on Marjorie Taylor Greene? Is he going to be on camera shooting dice with Ron DeSantis? Maybe he and Nick Fuentes will have a dinner date with Trump.

What do y’all think? Is Cube following Kanye into MAGA World, or nah?


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