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Shedeur Sanders, the 21-year-old son of Deion Sanders, is building an impressive resume for himself in the football world. It’s been a little over two weeks since the quarterback started his position with the Colorado Buffaloes, a chapter he launched after he chose to leave Jackson State University to follow his father, who was offered the head coach position at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

With an impressive pedigree and a natural talent for the game, Shedeur is quickly becoming a rising star on the field. He showed off his athletic prowess Sept. 9, during Colorado’s sold out home game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers– their long-time rivals.

For Shedeur, the game was personal due to his beef with Matt Rhule, Nebraska’s head coach. According to USA Today, the head coach reportedly talked smack about his superstar father and disrespected the Buffaloes by standing on their logo at midfield.

Lit with fire and vengeance, the 21-year-old quarterback scored a 6-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter that gave the Buffaloes a significant leg up in the game. After landing the score, the Colorado student did a funny rendition of his father’s famous victory dance, the “Deion Shuffle”– a little move Sanders used to do during his iconic football career.

“It was horrible,” Coach Prime joked of his son’s dance move during a press conference.” Shedeur’s not a dancer. I can’t dance, either.”

Shedeur kept his pedal on the gas for the rest of the game, scoring 42 passes for 393 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. At one point, the young star hurled a 40-yard pass to his fellow teammate Travis Hunter, wowing the crowd with his pristine aim. 

The Colorado Buffaloes steam-rolled over the Cornhuskers 36-14.

It was the perfect follow-up from last week’s wild showdown with the Texas Christian University’s (TCU) Horned Frogs Sept. 2. During Sanders’ debut game as head coach, Shedeur helped shine a good spotlight on his father’s legacy serving up 510 passing yards with four touchdowns. Skip Bayless even gave the young football star his props after his back-to-back win.

Shedeur ‘s NIL evaluation soared after his debut against TCU.

Shedeur put his name on the map over the last two games and the crazy game buzz is generating some big NIL money for the young college student.

With over 900 passing yards and six touchdowns underneath his belt, Shedeur is on track to make millions off of his name, age and likeness (NIL). NIL refers to the way college athletes receive compensation. In 2021, the NCAA made it legal for athletes to profit off their likenesses, according to Icon Source. Now, players like Shedeur can leverage their image to negotiate big brand deals and massive sponsorships.

According to NFL Rookie Watch, Shedeur is projected to make a whopping $3.8 million through NIL this season. The evaluation soared after the hungry football star’s breakout game against TCU. At pregame, his projected earnings stood at $1.3 million. Now, Coach Prime’s youngest son is on track to bypass moneymakers like Dak Prescott and Joe Burrow.

The rising star ranks No. 2 on the College Football Player Passing Stat chart–and we wouldn’t be surprised if he lands the No.1 spot soon.


What does Shedeur mean?

Shedeur’s unmatched dedication to the game of football comes from his father, but his unwavering passion for the sport is a testament to his birth name. Shedeur is a biblical name, which stands for, “field of light” or “light of the almighty,” according to

In the Bible, Shedeur was the father of Elizur, who was a military leader of the Reuben tribe. Little is known about Shedeur’s role, as his name was only mentioned once in the Bible, according to Abarim-Publications. However, Babynology notes, that people with the name Shedeur are “inspiring,” possess unmatched creativity and are “great visionaries.” They are also born with high inventiveness and “down to earth practicality,” the website notes.

As Shedeur Sanders embarks on his college football journey with Colorado, the future looks incredibly bright for this young and talented quarterback. His dedication to the game, combined with his natural talent and strong work ethic, bodes well for his prospects in college and potentially in the NFL. Shedeur’s journey is not only a testament to his own abilities but also a reminder of the lasting impact of his father’s legacy in the football world.


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