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The recent results of our latest News One/Black Planet poll are out and it’s an even split.

The voting ended last night and closed at nearly 1,500 respondents. Our communities were split down the middle with half believing Gilbert’s comments about LeBron James had racial overtones, while the other half disagreed with that assessment.

The letter, which was posted on the Cavs website after James signed with the Heat, was criticized by several media members and most notably, the Rev. Jesse Jackson. The civil rights leader claimed the letter had made LeBron seem like he was a “runaway slave” and Gilbert was his “master.” The letter included words like “traitor,” “narcissistic,” and “quitter.”

Earlier this week, NBA Commissioner David Stern expressed regret at the way LeBron handled his departure, but also disagreed with the surprising comments made by the team’s owner. He fined Gilbert $100k.

As the week has progressed and the news cycle has turned to other topics, both parties have decided to move on as Gilbert recently said: “I disagree with Rev. Jackson’s statement and am only concerned with the future of the Cavs.”

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