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In a district where young professionals live in airy lofts and flock to trendy restaurants and clubs, historians are intent on revealing the buried remnants of Richmond’s bustling slave-trading past.

Cheese, pastries, foie gras — France’s culinary delights are full of dietary sins. Now child obesity is rising and the myth is fading that French people can eat anything and stay thin. So the government is fighting back.

The mother of Detroit’s mayor narrowly survived a primary election that focused on her scandal-plagued son as much as her own six terms in Congress.

TV producer Norman Lear and author Maya Angelou will be the 2008 recipients of the Marian Anderson Award, which honors artists whose leadership benefits humanity. Mayor Michael Nutter says Lear and Angelou were chosen because of their ability to “change society through their art and the courage of (their) convictions.” Angelou and Lear are to […]

Former President Clinton acknowledges there are some things “I wish I hadn’t said” during the Democratic presidential nomination fight, but denies he made racist statements about Barack Obama.

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was in a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., on Monday after being seriously injured in a car accident near his home in Mississippi.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s name will not appear on primary ballots Tuesday in Michigan, but voters could decide whether his mother should bear any of the fallout from a scandal that has galvanized city hall.

I’m not quite sure what Ludacris was thinking when he called Hillary Clinton a ‘B—-’ on his latest song, ‘Politics (Dedication to Obama). She still has an outside chance of being his vice president and will definitely be an influential force in his campaign. If it were any other rapper who said it, it wouldn’t […]

If all crime in America were to end tomorrow, 800,000 people would be pretty pissed. Those 800,000 are all cops. And without anyone to arrest, it wouldn’t be long before that 800,000 began to swell the unemployment rolls. As time elapsed and the existing prison population either died or got paroled or released, the 46.3 […]

President George W. Bush on Monday signed legislation to pay for the war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of his presidency and beyond, hailing the 162 billion dollar plan as a rare product of bipartisan cooperation.