More than four decades after founding Radio One on Oct. 3, 1980, Cathy Hughes has led the company now named Urban One to reach more than 80% of Black U.S. households.

Barbara Lee will be elected in 2024 and win the U.S. Senate seat to which Laphonza Butler was appointed to replace Dianne Feinstein, Ayanna Pressley predicted.

Sheriff T.K. Waters says the beating was justified.

Christopher Rufo, an ally of Ron DeSantis, was entertaining the idea of standing on the side of white power “in order to destroy the power of the left."

Edward Blum filed an emergency motion to temporarily block the Fearless Fund from continuing their Strivers Grant Contest.

As California approves a new Ebony Alert bill in effort to better locate missing Black youth & women, is this cultural need racially fair?

New Orleans residents are prepping for the worst as salt could be threatening their drinking water due to droughts.

There's an apparent racist trend underway.

An apology in Ireland was called "useless."

The MTV star died suddenly in May at 32.

A Black couple in Queens, New York, sued their white neighbor who sprayed water on their dinner party guests in a move straight out of the Jim Crow playbook.

The centrality of the Bible in Black life cannot be overstated, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou writes.

In all its wisdom, the Supreme Court has joyfully unleashed its wrecking ball of justice to obliterate affirmative action.

The teen who refused to give his Citi Bike bike to Sarah Jane Comrie and his family spoke out about the viral incident.

After Trump was indicted in Georgia, conservatives began arguing disingenuously that Stacey Abrams should also be charged for contesting the 2018 gubernatorial election there.


Killer Mike said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is "running an effective campaign" with Black voters and that Stacey Abrams should follow his lead.

Stacey Abrams hosted One Georgia Fest: Grad Edition where body positivity advocate and dynamic artist Yung Baby Tate performed earlier this week.

From statewide races like the lieutenant governor to several judicial seats, Georgia voters once again have an opportunity to choose their champion. 

Thankfully for Stacey Abrams, Democratic hopeful in the upcoming 2022 Georgia governor election, her rise to millionaire status over the past four years has come the honest way by abiding by the law while also putting herself in a position of power to make positive changes within it as well.

We've seen Stacey Abrams do the unthinkable from boosting voter turnout in Georgia to reforming the HOPE Scholarship program, but here are a few things you may not know about the busy politician.

Now that there is no longer speculation about whether Stacey Abrams will run for governor of Georgia, people are eagerly turning their attention to next year's mid-term election. Oddsmakers have given Abrams the early edge over Brian Kemp.

Good News

Stacey Abrams was awarded by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for her transformative civic engagement work.

Good News

A Washington park has been renamed to honor Rosa Franklin; the state’s first Black woman senator.

Urban One Honors 2021

The 2021 Urban One Honors recipients are game-changers in their fields, leading and creating groundbreaking work that empowers our communities. And they all lead with love.

Ben Jealous compared Stacey Abrams' political genius to a game of spades in an analogy that makes perfect sense once he explained it.

As GOP groups scramble to 'stop Stacey' Abrams from running for governor in Georgia, her global influence lands her a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nomination.