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Shaun King and DeRay McKesson are in the middle of he-said-he-said war via Medium. They both are accusing each other of being fame hungry frauds. Now, Shaun King’s wife, Rai King, has taken over her husband’s Twitter account. 

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In a series of tweets, Rai defended her husband, who was recently honored by Rihanna for his activism, she accused McKesson of trying to destroy her family, “You want my children to be asked about it at school. You hope to ruin my career. You aim to destroy my marriage. In your “service” of Black people, @DeRay, you hope to spread enough lies and float enough inuendo (sic) to directly harm this Black woman??”

She also questioned his fiances,” I’m starting to wonder who you’re working for @Deray? Who’s paying you to do these things? What side are you really on? What are you deflecting from? Show us your receipts. Where are your tax returns? Where’s the report on your finances? Do what my husband & I did.”

She also slammed people who say that Shaun has bullied and not supported Black women, “Let me tell you all the Black women you don’t speak for… You don’t speak for the daughters of Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz, who honored Shaun this past year for loving and fighting for their family and their legacy and speaking truth to power.”

In addition, she wrote, “Let me tell you all the Black women you don’t speak for… The mother of Trayvon Martin The mother of Da’Quan Huey The mother of Mike Brown The mother of Bianca Roberson The mother of DeAndre Harris The mother of Monroe Bird Shaun has fought for them endlessly for years.”

Some took exception with Rai King appearing to compare herself to wives in the civil rights movements. She wrote, “Our marriage has struggled under the weight of the work Shaun does. I find myself reading old accounts of wives in the Civil Rights Movement – trying to understand how they bore it all. It feels so unbearable sometimes.”

King has been defending his name for weeks after Rihanna announced she would honor the Morehouse man at the Diamond Ball. Social media demanded that she reconsider. In response, King released a 72-page report of “every single penny I’ve ever raised since” Black Lives Matter began.

The documents were compiled and authored in part by people like Tamika Mallory, Co-Chair of The Women’s March and Co-Founder of Justice League NYC and civil rights attorney Lee Merritt. The report focused on fundraisers that King promoted through his social media accounts and provided what King said was a full accounting of his financial relationship with Real Justice PAC and Action PAC along with five years of his tax returns. In addition, King said the authors of the fundraising report had unlimited access to his and his family’s checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts and money management software.

In addition, the families of Nia Wilson, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher and multiple other people killed in recent years vouched for King. The family of Botham Jean, the man who was killed by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger a year ago this Friday, had nothing but glowing words for King.

Twitter clearly had reactions to Rai King’s Twitter rant. See below: