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Folks are absolutely cutting their eyes and sucking their teeth at a video that recently resurfaced of Mayor Pete Buttigieg whitewashing the horrors of slavery in front of a group of children.

In the nearly 30-second minute clip, Buttigieg claims that the people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was “a bad thing.”

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“Similarly, the amendment process – they were wise enough to realize that they didn’t have all of the answers and that some things would change. A good example of this is something like slavery – or civil rights. It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but the people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was a bad thing and did not respect civil rights,” said the South Bend mayor in the clip from 2014.

He added, “And yet, they created a framework, so that as the generations came to understand that that was important they could write that into the constitution to ensure true equal protection for all of us.”

It is rather difficult to fathom that one would be unaware that the pillaging, beating, raping, and OWNING of slaves was “a bad thing.”

In fact, James Madison, one of the “people who wrote the Constitution” and owned as many as 118 slaves, according to White House History, admitted to knowing just how immoral and barbaric slavery was. He referred to slavery as a “dreadful calamity” in a private letter written to Frances Wright in 1825.

“The magnitude of this evil among us is so deeply felt, and so universally acknowledged, that no merit could be greater than that of devising a satisfactory remedy for it,” he wrote, according to the Founders Archive.

Let us not forget the Three-Fifths Compromise, which counted slaves a three-fifths of a human being for taxation and representation purposes.

Ironically, the Harvard graduate who majored in history seems to think otherwise. Lucky for him, Twitter wasted no time offering a much-needed history lesson.

“THIS is why I talk about racism even though people don’t like it… because we’ve got people like Pete Buttigieg out here telling our children that racist White Supremacists didn’t know they were racist White Supremacists & implying that somehow excuses the behavior. It’s a lie,” one person tweeted.

Another person questioned Buttigieg’s future as a presidential candidate. “More whitewashing of history. If Plastic Pete can’t even tell the whole truth about the past, why should anyone trust this man with their future?”

The missteps are frequent, but are they even accidental at this point? As for the “framework” that Buttigieg is speaking of, it certainly hasn’t applied to us, as we have been fighting for equal treatment for hundreds of year.

Check out more reactions to this clueless clip below.


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