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A viral video shows Isaiah Lee grotesquely disfigured following a reported beatdown from security for tackling Dave Chappelle during a performance at the "Netflix Is A Joke Fest" at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

A Black man accused of attacking women on the subway in New York City was indicted for hate crimes because prosecutors say he specifically targeted "light-skinned women" with violence.

Harlemites came out in full force over the weekend to march and advocate for a 31-year-old mom who was bitten, beaten, spit on and robbed on Jan. 18 after she refused a man's offer to pay for her wine.

In a recent memo the feds warned law enforcement in all 50 states that armed groups plan to stage an uprising if the 25th Amendment is triggered, deeming Trump unfit to lead. 

After falsely accusing the 14-year-old son of jazz artist Keyon Harrold of theft, the woman we've come to know as "SoHo Karen" seems to have a less than exemplary rap sheet of her own.


Neighbors and authorities speak on the situation.

A California high school student is facing battery charges after he was recorded fighting his partially blind classmate, NBC News reports. The fight occurred Wednesday at Huntington Beach High School when the partially blind student walked past the other student. The two have had issues in the past, NBC reports, which allegedly led up to their altercation. After […]

A group of six teens on an education trip near Anchorage, Alaska were attacked by a grizzly bear in a near deadly attack. Victor Martin, an 18-year-old California teenager, was one of three students who were attacked by the bar. Martin, who suffered a deep bite wound to his ankle, fended off the bear with […]